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James is a hard-working doctor who is insecure and sexually frustrated as a gay man.

The Swimming-Pool Library – Wikipedia

I need to stop doing this thing of, when I’m completely taken with a novel by a writer I’ve never read before, running out and instantly reading something else by that writer.

My reaction to the world of over-monied, I feel like I have nothing to say about this book. Retrieved from ” https: Hollinghurst gives us only a few glimpses of Will’s unfiltered reactions, so brief that Will himself fails to notice. Kinda weird, but it definitely fit the character. Hollinghurst, as I said earlier, doesn’t visibly admonish Will, but he doesn’t excuse his actions either.

How do I write this? The way that Will zones out lends the scene a surreality that is hard to stomach.

He has often been likened to Henry James, whom he greatly admires, although he says he has tried to avoid using him as a model.

Naturally I need to stop doing this thing of, when I’m completely taken with a novel by a writer I’ve never read before, running out and instantly reading something else by that writer.

As a result, the experience of reading The Swimming Pool Library is a bit like flicking through somebody else’s Grindr account – vicariously interesting for about five minutes, quickly becoming repetitive and not a little depressing. Show 25 25 50 All. No, of course not: And then – gasp!

The Swimming-Pool Library, his sex-drenched first book, published inmapped hollinhhurst gay world before and after the Sexual Offences Act, which decriminalised homosexuality; The Folding Star was a disturbing study of pederastic desire; The Spell a sex-and-drugs-fuelled comedy of manners; The Line Of Beauty another dark comedy exposing the hypocrisy and cupidity of the s. I assume, also, that the internet has made such casual encounters enter the digital arena vs.


Did he worry about having to follow a Booker winner? However, he certainly expected the reader to be.

The Swimming-Pool Library

This is not necessarily a bad thing Dickens does it all the time but I wish sometimes some situations would have been handled differently. Will goes home, where James patches him up but beauty is temporarily ruined. I rather like Bryant — a “little wire-haired ratter”, according to Daphne — who becomes increasingly bombastic as the book proceeds. The issue I had here was with the odious narrator. It is what I do.

hollnghurst A big part of this book covers a diary that Will is reading and those events are juxtaposed with events that are happening to Will and his friends. The one thing that put me off the most though, is how Will was just ‘suddenly’ in love with Phil. Jul 23, David rated it liked it Shelves: Certainly one of the best representations of gay people I have hollinghudst read in literature and the first time I saw sex depicted so realistically and in full detail.

Will refuses; there are undertones of fear and violence. He is enchanted by the land and powerfully drawn to African men but finds himself cut off by race, rank and position. It may not be Middle Hollinghurst, in the sense in which James would have understood it, but it is the work of a middle-aged writer, whereas the four earlier novels were the work of a younger man galvanised by his arrival in London and by exposure to a suddenly more assertive gay world after 10 years doing EngLit at Oxford in the 70s.

The Swimming-Pool Library’s plot hollinyhurst the other ewimming does not make up for the central characters deficiencies and I found myself glad whenever something bad happened to him, so vain and unlikeable he became. To ask other readers questions about The Swimming-Pool Libraryplease sign up.


Themes emerge in the process of writing. The variations librwry Will’s speech from friend to friend are minute and amazing.

Also, at Charles Nantwich’s home there is a room that has served as a library and was once a Roman bath. But Hollinghurst’s style is wonderful, and his story of pre-AIDS London and the history of repression and entrapment in England is fantastic.

The scene when Will is gay-bashed is heart-wrenching. I just happened to have written a book that had a Tory politician in it.

I’m a little annoyed by all of the class issues between the narrator, his lovers, and the lord, but I guess that is difficult to avoid in British literature. When we arrive at James’ arrest and the subsequent removal of any evidence implicating the arresting officer as a fellow–but quite closeted, apparently–gay, we readers are essentially asked to acknowledge and rail against the very blatant and disgusting discrimination.

I wasn’t attached to any of the characters but the story itself held hollingghurst attention very closely. The glow of so much money, and so little done with it in a time of real social discontent is sickening.

It is librarh, written eloquently, written with a focus on that elusive antihero: Hollinghurst was writing throughout this era TSPL was published inas a matter of factand it would be fairly ignorant of me to avoid this fact.

One of them suddenly suffers what is perhaps a minor heart attack and collapses. Despite his physique, Phil is shy and a sexual novice. The specific problem is: