Albert Mathiez was born to an innkeeper’s family at La Bruyère in eastern France on Jan. 10, He graduated from the École Normale in After teaching. Albert Mathiez, an Historian at War. James Friguglietti. The present great war will not only change the face of the world in which we live. It will also transform our. Albert Mathiez, his pupil in method, and for the last twenty years the antagonist of his point of view, was struck down by apoplexy in the middle of a lecture on

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He likened Robespierre to the Bolshevik dictator Vladimir Lenin, describing them as dictators who used the same goals to achieve similar objectives.

More daringly in time: Pages like these will live long in matihez memory of men. Antagonisms were quickly manifested between the various bourgeois categories and between the bourgeoisie and the popular masses, accounting for the complexity of revolutionary history and the progression of its various stages.

Long before me the bourgeois historians had described the historical development of the class struggle. From this flowed the development of the working class movement and the growth of socialist ideas. But let us leave aside these exaggerations, which have nevertheless had a mahhiez life.

The best of his spirit lives in me, even when I contradict him. The history of the French Revolution could not escape this law.

Historian: Albert Mathiez

Mathiez greatly influenced Georges Lefebvre and Albert Soboul in forming what came to be known as the “orthodox” Marxist interpretation of the Revolution. A lesson in civismeit teaches us patriotism in the literal sense of the term, as a virtue according to Rousseau and Robespierre.

Was the peasant revolution the expression of one of the possible variants of the bourgeois revolution?

Thus the social interpretation of the Abert Revolution was gradually perfected through a long development, secular to say the least. He was not able to separate himself from a legend that was commonly accepted. Naturally their disagreement essentially concerns Danton and Robespierre. Arrival point, departure point: Beyond these divergences Albert Mathiez, whose evolution sped up after his brief communist interlude we are inspoke of the very orientation of the work.


He rejected the common view of Robespierre as demagogic, dictatorial, and fanatical. Revolutionary government had as its inevitable accompaniment the Terror. In short, he extended the practices of parliamentary camaraderie to the maladapted and the appeased of the revolutionary assemblies.

Content on this page may not be copied, republished or redistributed without the express permission of Alpha History. The First World War arrived. Marxism had called him to socialism. That dry-hearted generation was no longer capable of understanding the matiez men of the Revolution, who were so different from them.

Given matthiez, it must be said that his oeuvre bore the mark of his time. Aulard viewed the Revolution from above, as if the popular masses had no other interests, no other needs, no other passions than those of the bourgeoisie.

Albert Mathiez

Thus new meanings, up to then masked by the very complexity of the phenomenon, have been brought to light. Having arrived at a more serene vision we will not intervene in this quarrel. As for Georges Lefebvre, he was especially sensitive, as he wrote into the deepening of the economic and social analysis.

Finally, as religious and educational questions held the first place in the struggle among the parties from to and beyond, the religious history of the Revolution and the origins of secularism interested Aulard every bit as much as those of political history properly speaking. Aulard had rendered eminent services to Revolutionary historiography, having discerned that the historians of the French Revolution should submit themselves to the same discipline as other historians, should compel themselves to carry out patient research in archives, to discover, critique, and publish texts as the chartists had been doing for some time with the history of the Middle Ages.

None has advanced science so alebrt. Mathiez now arrived at considering the French Revolution as a class struggle, the Third Estate against the privileged, and to interest himself in the social and political dissociation of the Third Estate. Both are born out of civil and foreign war; both are class dictatorships using the same means: Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. Danton, whom Aulard admired as a patriot, was to Mathiez a corrupt demagogue; Robespierre, a tyrant to Aulard, became for Mathiez the champion of social democracy.


Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or mthiez cited list. While continuing his previous studies, in particular on Danton, Mathiez oriented himself towards a new sector for him, that of the economic mxthiez social history of the Revolution.

A historical work only remains living if, read and meditated on, it is deepened.

Writing for the general public, mathisz confined to a short text by the publisher, Mathiez here showed his mastery of French style and his ability to convince his readers. Erudite investigation and critical reflection can then arrive at putting the work in question. At the same time he explored Robespierre’s career and promoted an edition of his writings. They shared all his anti-Robespierrist prejudices.

One of the consequences of this evolution was unquestionably the accentuating of class oppositions and their growing magnitude and clarity. Besides, by focusing on abstruse theoretical matters like the withering away [ Absterben ] of church and state, one avoids the eminently practical issue Fluss was trying to address. The war imposed the economic point of view on Mathiez by making all the economic and social difficulties the Committee of Public Safety ran up against in the conduct of a great national war reappear, obliging mathiex government to have recourse to the same procedures of control and constraint: In a series of articles and books— Robespierre Studies 2 vols.

And in his eyes this history was dominated by the evolution of ideas.