Forum. Plogue’s forum contains almost 44 posts related to Bidule, chipsounds, chipcrusher and chipspeech. Thanks to more than registered members. Note: An online version of this user manual is available here. 2 Tutorial – Using MIDI Connectivity in a Modular Host (Plogue Bidule). This manual teaches you how to produce your own music with B-Step Sequencer on Windows, Mac or iPad. Plogue Bidule (since v) – Podium (since v).

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As you can see A, Manuxl and R are all times, whereas S is a level just a number. If you move your mouse over the cable connecting the oscillator to the mixer, it should highlight. I’ll let you check the Bidule manual for how to get your VST plugins to show up in the palette, and I’ll similarly drag hidule instance of LuSH onto the Bidule surface.

THe Best tutorial I found on the subbject.

Bidule Tutorial 1 : A Simple Synthesizer – Relive The Future

The Polyphonic Adapter in Bidule takes care of that. Bidule makes this really easy, but we have to do a little bit of preparation first. It is greatly helpfull. The basic oscillator has 4 audio rate inputs and 1 output.

Bidule Tutorial 1 : A Simple Synthesizer

Its purpose is to transparently create cloned copies of your monophonic voice group, and to literally transform it into a polyphonic group. When making a polyphonic synth, bidule uses the 2nd output to determine when a voice has finished playing.


Try these settings for the ADSR: Mankal lets flip to the back of the rack and wire things up. Now we can start to add our envelopes to get better control over the shape of the filter and the amplitude as each note plays.

When you’re done it should look like this: If only 1 out of 12 maximum voices are needed at one point, then only 1 out of 12 is effectively taking cpu resources To make our group, select everything starting from the note extractor, up to the mixer. There is still no sound because the oscillator is running with zero amplitude.

Ideally we might want to play the synth via midi.

The input as you can see is MIDI and the biduule outputs are number outputs. Click on it to select it, then drag the handle which goes into the mixer to the first input of the filter. Some polyphonic synths on the market are plain CPU drains as each and every voice consumes resources all of the time.

So we cant just connect the output of this to the input of the oscillator, we will need something else to extract the information from the MIDI messages to give us the numbers we use to connect to the blue inputs.

The sound should come back and you will hear the sequence again. We want stereo output, so while dragging a line from the left mixer output to your audio device, hold down the control key and it will attach both cables. This has taught me lots.


Now we will rename some of them so its clear what they do. The top midi input is fine, so leave that. Here is where we can configure how many voices we want the synth to have and how it chooses what to do when it runs out of voices.

The two other types are Yellow and Orange for spectral frequencies amnual magnitudes. To make our group, select everything starting from the note extractor, up to the mixer.

I always like to give things names, so I always go back to the preset menu, select rename and try to think of something appropriate. Our layout should now look like this at the top: If only 1 out of 12 maximum voices are needed at one point, then only 1 out of 12 is effectively taking cpu resources.

Open the panel for the variable and change the high limit to 10, White for midi, blue for audio rate bidle rate means that the signal is sampled at the audio rate, it doesnt have to be an audio signal. This is just a fixed number, theres no slider to change the value.