Kemenkes. (). Buku Data , Direktorat Jenderal Pengendalian Penyakit dan Buku Pedoman Nasional Pengendalian Penyakit Kusta,. Direktorat. References. 1. Amiruddin M. D. Penyakit kusta sebuah pendekatan klinis. Kemenkes R. I. Buku Pedoman Nasional Pemberantasan Penyakit Kusta. Jakarta. Komponen surveilans kusta di dinas kesehatan kabupaten situbondo sebagai upaya Buku Pedoman Nasional Program Pengendalian Penyakit Kusta.

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Ethical clearance pedkman publishing the results of this study has been given by the Department of Nursing at Syiah Kuala University where the writer-researchers work.

Sikapmanusia teori dan pengukurannya. Furthermore, unemployment causes people to lose self-confidence, to isolate themselves, and eventually to give up, i.

Discrimination at work also occurs when a person is denied work because of some physical factor e. This is in accordance with the concepts for empowering people in health management; i. Naxional research is a descriptive research in the form of evaluation research. Leprosy sufferers, who do not know that leprosy can be treated at the local Health Department clinics or Puskesmas, will usually try to get treatment for their leprosy from a Tabib.

Leprosy in Indonesia is still a public health problem that needs attention because it can lead to complex problems. The pattern of reinforcement from other people forms the attitudes and behaviour concerned. The main object of this study, which used a quasi-experimental design, was to find out and to improve the treatment of leprosy patients by the Tabib who treat them there.

Effectiveness of Traditional Healers in Program to Control Leprosy in Nagan Raya District in Aceh

Associated Data Supplementary Materials Based on the explanations above, in summary it can be said that because the Experimental Group of Tabibs had been given some training and had absorbed the contents of the pocket book their knowledge about leprosy and how kkusta control it had increased significantly.

This result of the study concerning knowledge about leprosy of the Tabib is in accordance with the theories of Notoadmodjo [ kustw ], who has said that health education is an activity to create behaviour amongst people which will be conducive to better health outcomes.

Conclusions The results from this study can be summarized as follows. Based on Table 1 we find that for the pretest nasionl the attitudes to leprosy there was no significant difference between the mean values of the EG and those of the CG in the pretest of their attitudes to leprosy but there was a significant difference in the masional to leprosy in the posttest results from the EG Tabibs compared with that from the CG Tabibs.


Data was obtained from a questionnaire See Appendix 1 plus interviews and document study.

Dermatology Research and Practice

In Indonesia was number 3 in the world after India and Brazil with 16, cases and a total of 9. Interdisciplinary perspectives on infectious diseases. The result of the stigma is that the PWHHL nasoonal ostracized by people who think that they look disgusting and must nassional kept at a distance so sufferers try to find alternative treatments.

Literature Review Leprosy is a chronic skin disease caused by acid-fast bacteria, Mycobacterium lepraewhich initially attacks the outer nerves and then, if not treated appropriately, spreads to other organs like the skin, the mucous glands, the kidneys, the testes, and the eyes: The weaknesses and obstacles are; incomplete data collection and late reporting, incomplete data analysis and interpretation, the lack of quarterly bulletin publication, the lack of laboratory tests for leprosy, the lack of data collectors, and the existence of stigma in society.

The subject of this research is the components of leprosy surveillance system in Health Department of Situbondo during Ethical Approval Ethical clearance for publishing the results of this study has been given by the Department of Nursing at Syiah Kuala University where the writer-researchers work. Kuusta on these results, it is hoped that the District Health Department can implement a partnership model with the Tabib in Nagan Raya and elsewhere to use the pocket book with training to implement a program to control the spread of leprosy and also to always support the Tabib to improve their role in controlling and eliminating leprosy amongst the village people.

The villagers very much respect and value the Tabib so they believe what they say and will follow it. However, the results of the posttest, after the treatment, show that there was now a significant difference in knowledge about leprosy of the EG with that of the CG Tabibs showing that the training plus the pocket books about leprosy had been effective in increasing the knowledge pemberantssan leprosy of the Tabibs.

Furthermore, after the training, there was also a significant difference in the attitude towards leprosy between the EG and the CG of Tabib. This stigma, held nawional fellow villagers, can cause leprosy patients to suffer terrible depression and even want to commit suicide [ 13 ].

FAKTOR RISIKO KEJADIAN KUSTA | Muharry | Jurnal Kesehatan Masyarakat

Komponen surveilans kusta di dinas kesehatan kabupaten situbondo sebagai upaya penanggulangan kusta Author: Dinas Kesehatan Kabupaten Situbondo, Aceh Province had the highest rate of leprosy in Indonesia; innew Multibacillary cases were reported.

The conclusion, low economic conditions and poor personal hygiene affect to leprosy incidence. The questionnaire has four sections: Br J Ophthalmol, Penyakit kusta di Indonesia masih menjadi masalah penyakkit masyarakat yang perlu mendapat perhatian karena dapat menimbulkan masalah yang komplek.


The problems that come from leprosy are not just medical but also social, economic, and educational problems. There was no difference in the initial role for controlling and management of leprosy between the EG of Tabibs and the CG as shown by the pretests. They feel disappointed, afraid, and pemberantasann sad inside; they lack self-confidence and ppedoman ashamed and pemberangasan and of no use with their self-stigma. How to cite item. According to Hatzenbuehler et al.

The data used to support the findings of this study are available from the corresponding author upon request. To summarize, the training of the Tabibs and supplying them with a pocketbook about the identification, management, treatment, and curing of leprosy increased the Tabibs’ knowledge about leprosy, improved their attitude towards leprosy, and empowered the traditional Tabib to play a much better role in the identification, management, and curing of villagers with leprosy in partnership with the treatment provided by the local District Health Service and it is to be ppemberantasan that this successful intervention for the identification, treatment, management, and curing of leprosy can be replicated in all areas of Aceh and expanded to all areas of Indonesia until leprosy is eliminated from Indonesia and indeed from Asia and even the world, so it becomes a legend in the future.

European Handbookof Dermatological Treatments. Until now, leprosy still carries a stigma, so that it is difficult to find the pembeantasan cases and to manage appropriate treatment for them. The Journal of Immunology, Method A quasi-experimental design, with a training pemyakit and a pocket book for the Experimental Group EGwas used for this research: Based on Table 1we find that for the pretest of the effectiveness of their role in controlling leprosy there was no significant difference between the mean values of the EG and those of the CG in the pretest for effectiveness of role in controlling leprosy but there was a very significant difference in pebmerantasan effectiveness of their roles for controlling leprosy pemberantazan the posttest results from the EG Tabibs compared with the results from the CG Tabibs.