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05/ Twido. Programmable Controllers. Modular and Compact Bases. Hardware Guide. 05/ Twido. Programmable controller. Your peace of mind. Catalogue. October. Courtesy of Steven Engineering, Inc. ○ Ryan Way, South San Francisco, CA . Three ranges: Twido Compact, Twido Modular and Twido Extreme Program and set-up your Twido controllers even in the most inaccessible places using.

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Compact or modular base controller acting as “master”.

Input and output modules with 0-way HE 0 connectors. Above this temperature, derating is necessary up to a maximum temperature of 70 C except for the AB 7RM model. These power supplies are designed for direct mounting on 5 mm 5 rails, or on a mounting plate using their retractable fi xing lugs. The Modular range of Phaseo power supplies can be connected in phase-to-neutral N- or in phase-to-phase. The Telefast ABE 7 range is suitable for all types of connection found in control system devices: ASI ABM04 Operating on a 00 to 40 V a supply, this product provides two separate power supplies, which are totally independent in the way they operate.


They can be assembled quickly using a knife and cutting pliers no special tools are required. A quick-blow fuse Terminals: Twido analogue extension modules catlaogue a resolution of 0 bits, bits sign and bits, with connection by removable screw terminal block. Characteristics voltage control relay RMU – range On the right-hand side panel: Characteristics multifunction control relay RMTE – range A block for displaying the channel and cataloguf diagnostics.

Project management The Project management function is used to: Acts on room temperature control. Global use due to a wide-range input More information.


To be ordered separately: The table below shows the situation as at for certifi cations obtained or pending from organizations for base PCs. Each certifi ed product must carry approval symbols when enforced. The operation of TwidoAdjust software can also be customised via the Action and Preferences menus.

The e marking on the products covered by this Directive has been compulsory since January, The program can now therefore be organized into Sections, which simplify reading and navigating through the program.

To improve heat dissipation, the power supplies must not be in contact with each other. Smart “Compact” range with display CD12 Smart Part number Highly visible blue LCD with 4 lines of 18 characters and configurable backlighting Allow the use of the entire library of tido functions. Their simplifi ed characteristics in comparison with the Universal offer also make them the low-cost solution for applications less affected by problems with the line supply, such as harmonic pollution and outages.

These inputs can be used to connect the control lever to one or two electronic shafts. S The micro PLC that offers maximum automation at minimum cost.

These power supplies also have a cable run inside the unit so that the outputs can be connected at the top or bottom of the product as required. At the PC datalogue, the TwidoSuite software will associate a special modem connection that will be memorized in the project including the telephone number to use. Sensors powered by external c 4 V supply.

Twido – Programmable Controller

Active energy consumption kwh Reactive energy consumption kvarh Maximum Twidk Traditionally, utility More information. C for operation with cable flexing, C for non-flexing operation or storage.

Due to evolution of standards and equipment, the characteristics indicated in twieo and images of this document do not constitute a commitment on our part without confirmation. The model description indicates the type of CPU, the power supply, the type of input, and the type of output. Characteristics three-phase network control relay Ctaalogue – range P to 0 in down counter mode Requires TwidoSuite software version u.


Two hinged connection terminal block covers for access to the terminals.

There are four references available in the Optimum range of Phaseo power supplies: This type of counter function can be used for counting parts or events, or for measuring length or position. General purpose single phase thyristors and solid state relays Product data. It delivers intelligence, an easy user interface and More information. With their MDRC profile and a width of only. The EGX gateway offers complete access to.

Automation & Control Twido Programmable controller Your peace of mind. Catalogue October

A display block comprising: Three versions are available to meet all needs encountered in industrial applications, in enclosures, cells or fl oor-standing enclosures. The environment ensures nothing is overlooked, by suggesting the tasks to be performed throughout the project development cycle. Modular base controller RJ45 connector. All the Modular range of Phaseo power supplies have protection devices to ensure optimum performance of the automation system with an automatic reset mode on elimination of the fault.

With access through the bottom of the controller: Application The application function includes the following functions: The modem connected to the Twido controller must be declared in the hardware confi guration.