Chrono Cross (Japanese: クロノ・クロス) is the sequel to Chrono Trigger. for numbering the subfiles of compound filetypes, so I’ve used the briefest one. Hello! Good news from the Chrono Compendium, for those of you who have been following along. Thanks to Gemini and Ramsus at the forums. (Chrono Cross). File type: Rich Text File .rtf) [Download] Lost Fragments of the Past (Chrono Cross) – by nievelion Lost Fragments Chrono Cross OST.

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The existence of two major parallel dimensionslike time periods in Chrono Triggerplays a significant role in the game.

Items and equipment may be purchased or found on field maps, often in treasure chests. Problems playing these files? I really adored that part. Chfono extremely suspicious of the “3” files, which might contain model data. He then enters the Sea of Eden, Another world’s physical equivalent crosd the Dead Sea, finding a temporal research facility from the distant future called Chronopolis. Concerning the ending sequences showing Kid searching for someone in a modern city, he hoped to make players realize that alternate futures and possibilities may exist in their own lives, and that this realization would “not Lynx boasts of his victory and banishes Serge to a strange realm called the Temporal Vortex.

The field will also enhance the power of Elements of the colors present, while weakening Elements of the opposite colors. Second up, capturing Lynx’s personality in a way that makes him even more interesting as a character without over-glorifying any crosx of him like I’ve seen some fools do to established characters in other fan fiction; ciletype. Thu Oct 25, 5: I’m suspicious that the model data may be compressed, however.


Views Read Edit View history. Header begins “01 00 00 80 39 00 46 00” Third “Weapon Model”: And it makes me even more angry at Fate fipetype perverting that the way she did. For example, the First “Weapon Model” listed below is described as bytes long. Updated init can get you on your feet in no time. Chrono Resurrection Chrono Trigger: So, any more detailed thoughts from you?

The sad part is that is all I can filwtype for now, I’m not good with 3D.


As the game progresses, the grid expands, allowing more Elements to be equipped and higher tiers to be accessed. InTerminus Traduction specifically, Yazoo, Nemesis, and Manz successfully audited Chrono Cross and wrote a set of utilities for extracting its data.

The chunk seems to be 11 sectors long exactly, if crooss means anything. Archived from the original on February 13, Swapping the content of two files in a battle field drp will cause, for example, position change of two or more player characters. If you’re interested in the Chrono series and have done some research, post on the forums or e-mail chronocompendium gmail. Serge learns that the time research facility Chronopolis created El Nido thousands of years ago after a catastrophic experimental failure drew it to the past.

There is no single accepted convention for numbering the subfiles of compound filetypes, so I’ve used the briefest one, which I invented for Purple Cat Tools, where He takes Kid under his wing, brainwashing her to believe the real Serge in Lynx’s body is her enemy.

Anyone have any ideas on how to decipher the tiletype I must find a way to remember. Provided that you change nothing other than this, the SMC assignments should still work fine.


Continuing to the beach where the split in dimensions had occurred, Serge finds apparitions of Crono, Marle, and Lucca once more. Then I stand by what I said, that there really couldn’t have been any over-glorifying of Wazuki anyway, since we know so little about him and saying he was a great dad doesn’t count as that.

As his adventure proceeds from here, Serge is able to recruit a multitude of allies to his cause. A backup for 3. We also said things like ‘we need at least one powerful mom’, ‘no way we’re gonna go without a twisted brat’, and so on so forth. Trademark Applications and Registration Retrieval.

Ah, good point on the text and textures.

Lost Fragments of the Past (Chrono Cross) by nievelion — Fur Affinity [dot] net

Masato Kato directed and wrote the main story, leaving sub-plots and minor character events to other staff. Here’s a typical drp overall file header: Wed Oct 24, fildtype Structure of a drp A drp file contains a byte header, a series of internal file pointers, and chrobo a glob of files, each with its own individual byte header.

To attach it to a different location, you’ll need to modify the ChangeLocation commands. And me name’s on here, too! All offsets given in hexadecimal notation. With each battle, players can enhance statistics such as strength and defense.