Product Code: CQI Pricing requirements your organization needs to follow to develop a weld management system that provides for continual improvement, . This one day seminar will give an overview of CQI, Special Process: Welding System Assessment, which, along with internationally recognized quality. AIAG CQI Special Process: Welding System Assessment.

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Containers handling customer product shall be free of inappropriate material and contaminants. The welder’s loading system, in-process handling, and shipping process shall be assessed for risk of part damage or other quality concerns. If there are to be changes in process outside of the current control plan and last agreed upon process and parts sign off, do you know what your customer requirements are, have you notified your customer, and do you have customer approval prior to making the change?

Maintenance data shall be collected and analyzed as part of a predictive maintenance program. Enter the number of Fail findings observed from the job audit.

You allways want to be informed about Automotive News? Supplier shall have a preventative maintenance program that is documented and implemented. If the welder has not welded in the specific operation in a 6 month time frame, the welder must be requalified to that operation.

Size of Facility in Square Feet: Seminar Materials Each participant will receive a training manual. Capability study techniques shall include boundary sample conditions as defined by the control plan that are robust and meet all customer requirements.

CQI-15 Welding System Assessment

Number of Not Satisfactory Findings: The facility may have several buildings or physical locations in the same general area. Annual Sales in Dollars: Heat Treat System Assessments. The organization shall provide employee training for all welding operations specific to their job function.


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CQI | Welding System Assessments

Name of person responsible for quality system: In addition to the applicability for supplier sites for production, services and their subcontractors for: Procedures for part and container identification help to dqi-15 incorrect processing or mixing of lots. If applicable, pre-wash and post-wash parameters shall be monitored and documented.

The power supply should be adequate for the manufacturing process with consideration not limited to output energy, duty cycle, cooling, flow rates and grounding.

They shall address all process steps from part receipt to part shipment and identify all equipment used and all essential welding process parameters as wwlding by the relevant individual process tables or non-essential as agreed upon between supplier and customer. Is there traceability of all process and tooling changes?

The quality management system shall include a process for documenting, reviewing, and addressing customer concerns and any other concerns internal to the organization.

These process specifications may take the form of work instructions, job card, set-up sheets, or other similar documents.

Where nonconforming product csi-15 identified in the assessment of a given question the assessor shall place a check mark in the Needs Immediate Action NIA column. Preferably, safety or critical parts should be audited. NIA requires immediate containment of suspect product.

A disciplined problem-solving approach shall be used. The facility shall ensure that weldingg data entered in the receiving system match the information on the customer’s shipping documents.

CQI Welding System Assessment | TopQM-Systems global CQI support in the automotive industry

Initial product capability studies shall be conducted for all welding weldiny per each process path defined in scope of work and in welidng with customer requirements. It is recommended that the job audit be performed at the end of the welding system assessment. Gap Analysis May Issued: The welding organization shall contact the customer when clarification of process changes is required.


Tell Me About Future Dates. Unplanned or emergency downtime greatly raises the risk of improper processing.

Supplier shall have documentation of the fixture design, that are stored properly and accessible. Supplier Quality Manual If applicable, is there an inter-locking of the previous operation and has the quality of parts been verified?

After the part approval process is approved by the customer, no process changes are allowed unless approved by the customer. Where the term such as is used, any suggestions given are for guidance only. The WSA, coupled with an internationally recognized quality management system and applicable customer-specific requirements, defines the fundamental requirements for welding management systems.

Management review is required per Question Are there documented reaction plans with appropriate levels of containment for both out of control and out of tolerance process parameters?

CQI-15. Special Process: Welding System Assessment

Cqi1-5 a checkmark to designate all welding process es performed at this facility. To ensure all customer requirements are both understood and satisfied, the organization shall have all specifically related welding and customer referenced standards and specifications available for use and a method to ensure that they are current.

In the WSA, the word shall indicates a requirement for purposes of the self assessment.