Cs Artificial Intelligence Two Marks – Download as .rtf), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read Cs computer graphiccs Question Bank With Answers. CS AI 2marksmarks, Artificial Intelligence Question Bank, AI Short CS 2marks, AI Unit wise short answers – CSE 6th Semester. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 2 MARKS AND 16 MARKS ANNA UNIVERSITY CSE 7TH SEMESTER ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 2 MARKS.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. What are the two choices for activation function? What do you mean by Game Playing?

List some of the rules of inference. Discuss active reinforcement leaning May 10 What is a Knowledge Based System? Define state-space search technique.

How we plan with propositional logic 9. What are its types? Give the Syntax and Semantics of a first order logic in detail with an eg. State the advantages of inductive logic programming May What is a model based reasoning systems?


Explain the various forms of learning.

Engineer Portal – Prem Sasi Kumar Arivukalanjiam: QUESTION BANK- CS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE

cs23511 How to deal with uncertainty dec 05 2. Mention some of wigh key applications of ES. What do you understand by logical reasoning Define Non monotonic reasoning. Draw a learning curve for the decision tree algorithm 16 6 Explain with an example a E nsemble learning 4 b C umulative learning process 4 c Relevant based learning RBL 4 d Inductive logic programming 4 7 What is explanation based learning? How to construct Bayesian network Write FOIL algorithm for learning sets of first- order horn clauses from example.

E Civil 5th Semester Question Where is the Menu? List the steps in performing a state-space search.

How will you over- come it? Explain with an example 16 8 Explain in detail a I n formation Retrieval 8 b I n ce2351 Extraction 8 9 What is machine translation? What are its use?


What are Bayesian networks? Describe multilayer feed forward network June 09 6. What is explanation based learning Mayjune 06 How to get the exact inference form Bayesian network 7. Explain partial order planning with unbound variables Explain about unification with an algorithm in a first order logic. Wiith its block diagram. Distinguish between full joint probability distribution and joint probability distribution What are the various resolution strategies?


What is a plausible-move generator? What are the statistical learning method What is synchronic and diachronic? What is noisy logical maeks 8. What is Explanation Based Learning?

What are the components of a first order logic? How to represent experience using learning techniques Dec 05 What is Q learning June 09 How learning is done on a complete data using statistical methods?

Explain how a problem solving agent works?

Describe default logic Explain in detail with an example. Define a well-formed formula wff. How we schedule with resource constraints 8.