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Adding decorative accessories such as columns, capitels and pilasters to the “Puccini” kitchen furniture fronts, you can create a beautiful, unique space. The material is a normal operational risk. We would like to expand that category even further with decorative elements. I came to the conclusion that the houses will not sell, so building materials is not the best idea.

A company setting high standards of performance, paying attention to the development of design and technologyrespecting the environment – this in short can be the description of Drewpolthe company producing furniture fronts made of solid wood.

We intentionally, as one of the few, have adopted a policy for securing against foreign exchange risk and now we are protected against this risk so there is no problem with currency transactions.

We must be very reasonable when talking with clients. Grinding works are carried out mainly by hand at several positions. Despite that, the 4th quarter should be the best this year. For many years, the company’s offer fronts with a classic design were dominantand still they are the core of production, but there also modern fronts appeared in the offer.

An interesting decoration for the nowogarddzki of the classic kitchen may be, a available in the offer column you with a base and specially selected capitels and scroll.


It had to be modernized because who stands still momentarily rolls down a cliff. They are not in the offer yet but are recognized as a developmental segment. How does this affect the functioning of Drewpol?

A similar, contoured panelsthis time in a dark stainwe can find in the Ravel type FG fronts collection. It went pretty well, but in times of crisis that occurred in the late 80s, I began to wonder what would have the greatest chance in the market. The vertical carvings in the core of the column, highlighted with patina give it lightness and also interact with the core of the cabinet. Do you also manufacture products according to the designs and specifications provided by the client?

But you can kill the soul in a wood by making a monster or you can emphasize the beauty of this soul.

An interesting novelty in colouring is, already mentioned, the use of paste or patina rubbed into the stain or glaze. If I have an exposition in Euros then I prefer having some costs in Euros too, everything balances then, this risk is not present.

at WI. Nowogardzki Niezależny Portal Informacyjny | Niezależny portal

The company has two business lines of Cefla: What is your current position on the domestic market? Are you planning some currently? The better the machine, the better the processing, and the better the process – the performance and accuracy will be at a higher level. Prices they wanted were absurd. Atlas Estates has also downloaded the selected projects on the its web pages, presenting the investment and arrangement potential of the offered apartments.

We have spoken with suppliers of some devices but we have not entered into the phase of executing the contract because we must see what will be happening on the market, it must calm down.


Drewpol expanded its offer with four classic collections of bent parts. It is not only control but requirement. Last year Drewpol included in their dziennij the first tables made of oak tree and alder tree as well as wine holders, that is wooden gallantry. It perfectly matches loft rooms as well as other interiors, both classical and modern ones. His brother in turn – the forge. – i wiesz więcej!

The tops are made of laminated wood joined by finger joints. The collection of bent parts is a set of curved fronts and drawer fronts, which, thanks to subtle bending take a variety of shapes. Bent fronts in three shapes: We want to create a brand: I must admit that the recent turbulence on the global markets have helped us a bit because we have contracts in Euros.

In the face of the crisis, the company had to lay emphasis on the new products.

Choosing dziennik, the domination of horizontal and vertical lines was obtainedwhile deciding to use the ash in the main part of the front — the panel – resulted in an unusual pattern of meandering ash grain.

Are the furniture producers or clients lacking taste? Its darkwarm colour emphasized with double studs placed in the stilecan create a cosyrustic kitchen.