HIT or high intensity training, is a style of training that consists of short and from Dr. Ellington Darden’s book, The New High Intensity Training. I got it for christmas and just got done reading it. Basically, take everything you’ve ever heard about bodybuilding, and they advocate the. Ellington Darden – The New High Intensity Training It turns out that high intensity training (HIT) has its skeptics and is not a very popular program at this point.

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More important, for the purposes of this interview, Darden is a man who’s seen and heard it all over the past four decades. There’s a lot of variety on the front page and a lot of color. Arnold saw that it was trainkng and decided not to try it again.

The Rebirth of HIT | T Nation

Jan 10, Search titles only Posted by Member: Amazingly, creatine works better for certain muscles than it does for others. Most of these athletes and teams are good, bad or in-between, in spite of the way they strength train, not because of it.

I don’t think most of them were nearly as knowledgeable then. Yeah, Jones liked to move people quickly between exercises. Here’s what all that means and how it relates to building scary strength.

So we wanted to see what ellingon going on in his system and had some blood tests done. It certainly worked well for Hudlow. My body pretty much went to crap during this, so today I was more interested in just trying the program out as opposed to really crushing it. Cutting first then bulking makes sense to me. Is HIT really the shit?


Dont waste your time with this BS, you dllington gonna end up losing muscle. I can’t tell you how glad I am to have the next couple days off from the gym. Unless you wanna stay lbs Do you have any new ones? Once you finish that last rep then you elington going to try for another rep, where you will inevitably fail.

Ellington Darden

But it’s like me telling you that if you’re new to the world of sex with women, doing it right one time is enough. Intensity When we refer to intensity, we mean lifting to complete muscular failure. He lost the fat at trainign very fast rate, but he lost a lot of muscle, too. Positive transfer occurs when the activities of practice and competition are identical.

You know that spicy stuff every guy under 30 squeezes onto his food? But I am motivated to bring high-intensity training back to the mainstream.

The purpose is to pre-fatigue the targeted muscle group with ellngton simple exercise so it is must work harder during the compound exercise, based on the belief that the muscles of the arms and legs are […]. You can build some muscle, but not much. It works for young people, too, but let me just say that the training is very hard.

The speaker was Arthur Jones, inventor and founder of Nautilus and the father of high-intensity training. The example they use of Casey Vigor, or whatever his name was, was wrong.


One of the highlights was the showing of a video that had been assembled by Terry Todd of the University of Texas. Don’t you think, 20 years from now, you’re going to be smarter than you are now? He always trained alone, after finishing his day job. How the hell do you think people that only eat protein and fat aka KETO do not lose muscle while cutting if carbs is waht is needed to build muscle?

The audience that day at Duke University was getting restless. The one and only Governator. But soon, within six to twelve weeks, the trainee reached a plateau.

Jones’s workouts were brutally hard. Read below to learn more about this effective and underrated style of training. I’ll probably do some yoga later on tonight, and I should be good to go for a balls out workout on wednesday.

The New High Intensity Training

NTF training means not going to intennsity muscular failure in any exercise during a workout. Thanks for your input. Another trend in strength training is to not pay much attention to the negative and focus instead on lifting hard and fast through the concentric.