Francis Ponge has been called “the poet of things” because simple objects like a plant, a shell, a cigarette, a pebble, or a piece of soap are the subjects of his. The Nature of Things has ratings and 22 reviews. The Voice of Things contains a number of texts by Francis Ponge, including the complete text of Taking. A poet long unread, Ponge has come into his own since the s with admirers from Sartre to Sollers. Sartre considered him the poet of existentialism.

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No way out of our original onomatopoeias. On the typographical bushes constituted by voics poem, along a road leading neither away from things nor to the spirit, certain fruits are formed of an agglomeration of spheres filled by a drop of ink. I would sooner he had put that multitude to work on something no larger, or not much larger, than his own body or– which would have been even more commendable– that he had shown himself superior to other men through the quality of his own work.

Molded into a jersey that makes his two folds over his groin, he too, like his Y, wears his appendage on the left. First published in and considered the keystone of Francis Thinbs work, Le parti pris de choses appears here in its entirety. Brad rated it did not like it Tbe 22, What is more, the validity of ideas most often seems to me in inverse proportion to the fervour with which they were expounded.

The tone of conviction and even sincerity is assumed, it seems to me, as much to convince oneself as to convince one’s interlocutor, and even more perhaps to replace conviction; to tings, in a sense, the truth missing from the statements made. He expresses seriousness in a joyous, often insouciant style.


I am easily convinced, easily dissuaded. From inside the book. I feel this has been reproduced with love and understanding. And when I say convinced, I mean if not of some truth, then at least of the fragility of my own opinion. Refresh and try again.

The Nature of Things

A flying match, it’s flame is not contagious. While a long procession of Sunday strollers, without Soiling their white shoes, moves ahead Vokce the little stream, swollen by drowning or perdition, Why then, from the start, does it prohibit ghe Reading Ponge is a great way to help your brain think out of the box a bit, by guiding you to look at everyday objects both organic and non-organic in detail and from various vantage points.

Apr 14, Ying rated it really liked it.

In that case, back into them. Want to Read saving….

Until finally, everything sinks into my body and flies out through my head, as though through a chimney open to the sky. This is something I feel very keenly. Sounds banal, but every single poem in here will surprise you with unforeseen connections.

The Voice of Thingsas one might expect, is profoundly concerned with the relationship of the human world to the non-human—rain, blackberries, oysters, oranges, cigarettes, trees, bread, water, ponte end of Autumn, mollusks, snails, moss, meat, shells, pebbles and snails.

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One can only compare the gait of fire to that of an animal; it must first leave one place before occupying another; it moves like an amoeba and a giraffe at the same time, its neck lurching, its foot dragging …. For one, it is the enthusiasm incited by the presence at his side of a magnificent be-waved stenographer for whom he would not hesitate to commit a thousand similar costly follies; for another it is the wish to display a tasteful frugality earlier he had eaten no more than a light hors-d’oeuvre combined with an attractive taste for delicacies; for some it is the way to show an aristocratic disdain for anything in the world not graced with a slight hint of magic; finally others, through the manner in which they savour it, reveal a lofty and sophisticated soul, a confirmed habit and surfeit of luxury.


Apr 08, Michael A. Open Preview See a Problem?

Their immobility produces their perfection, their depth, their beautiful ornaments, their rich fruits”. She maneuvers his word play with respect and unostentatious discretion. Translated from the French by Lee Fahnestock. The smallest statuette by Giacometti is formal proof of this: Kimberly Dark Swinging Modern Thingss They are born in another way.

Account Options Sign in. Return to Book Page. Furthermore, it ar The Butterfly When the sugar prepared in the stem rises to the bottom ponfe the flower, like a badly washed cup – a great event takes place on the ground where the butterflies suddenly take off.

It is here that the profoundest questions arise.

The Nature of Things – Francis Ponge – Google Books

All of them, told. Such a captivating reading! Pinker than nature and less agile than a monkey, he leaps on the rigging, possessed by pure zeal. Perhaps since Ponge is averse to being called a poet, we can call these observations.

The Nature of Things by Francis Ponge

The horizon, overscored with misty accent marks, seems to be printed in small letters, of darker or lighter ink depending on the light. It may well be that I am not very intelligent; in any case ideas are not my forte. So it was with the prairie I wish to tell of, And which provides my subject for today. Mar 07, Michael rated it really liked it Shelves: