(2) Invisible Contracts is actually a letter in book form. The “letter” is addressed to a “Mr. May”, who wrote. Mr. Mercier in connection and in response to a. Invisible Contracts [George Mercier] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of the reasons why lawyers try and raise numerous. Back in the mids, an author named “George Mercier” wrote a long treatise he described From reading Mercier’s Invisible Contracts, it appears to me that he.

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GibsonP. The witness at the hearing was Dr. Once this was done, he simply added a substantial amount of other apparently relevant to him at least legal and other materials.

These “promise to pay” elements are essential for a contract, but they simply are not present with Social Security. I know little about Mercier, and I have never met anyone who knew him.

If Congress decided tomorrow to cut off all Social Security benefits, nobody would have any claim for payment. Is that your position?

What is important is that Phil Marsh started an organization named the Pilot Connection Society back at the end of the s, and the central legal argument that he promoted was based entirely on Invisible Contracts. I am sure it did.

A writing is not insufficient because it omits or incorrectly states a term agreed upon, but the contract is not enforceable under this paragraph beyond the quantity of goods shown in such writing. BelcherU. Mercier also made snide remarks that the money argument relating to gold, silver and Federal Reserve Notes that is geogge with many is baseless, but I demonstrate otherwise here.


United StatesU. See also McLaughlin v. GoldfarbU.


United States, U. Congress knew that, did it not? Certain agreements void unless in writing. The “statute of frauds” originates from the common law and every state invisibl has a general “statute of frauds,” if not several.

Invisible Contracts

Thus, no officer of the Federal Government is authorized to pay a debt due from the U. CostleF. Government contracts are unique and different from private sector contracts due to this constitutional limitation upon the power to contract. And he has no insurance contract? It is easy to demonstrate the operation of this provision of the Constitution and its application to government contracts.

There are lots of phony admiralty arguments being promoted in the freedom movement, all asserting essentially an argument that admiralty has contractts “inland”, and “everything is admiralty”. I could be wrong, but I have concluded that Mercier first wrote some treatise of his legal argument that was purely theoretical. Moreover, the act creates no contractual obligation with respect to the payment of benefits.

George Mercier’s “Invisible Contracts”

I think a number of people were misled by that. Two such Alabama gdorge appear below: Appropriations permit an agency to incur obligations and to make payments on obligations. But then again, he was a self confessed pot-grower: That does not mean that I do not want to do my full part to do georhe to them and to carry out and make good on the moral commitment that has been made to them.

I do not want to be perceived as condemning everything he writes about and there is much in Invisible Contracts with which I am in agreement.

FritzU. NestorU.

From the fact that he quoted very extensively emrcier the works of Mormon Church leaders, I have concluded that he was a Mormon. The same principle applies to every other government contractor, whether aerospace, military, et cet. Even if the contractor in this example incurred lots of costs preparing to build this courthouse which ultimately does not get built because of lack of funds, he has no claim contractts Uncle Sam for breach of contract. Marsh was prosecuted and convicted, and died in jail.


You did not establish that. Let me explain some of the gross flaws of this argument. Ina subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee conducted hearings for the express purpose of settling the question of whether social security was contractual in nature; see Hearings of November 27, entitled “The Legal Status of OASI Benefits,” Part 6.

The rest of the Social Security claimants in America have no enforceable claim on public funds, and all they possess is a “political promise,” upon which Congress can renege at any moment. Formal requirements; statute of frauds.

An agency in charge of such a project could theoretically “contract” with a construction company to build this structure. In National Association of Regional Councils v.

But, all of that is irrelevant regarding his fundamental legal argument. Regarding Social Security, the only “beneficiaries” who have any claim against the public treasury are those for whom Congress has already made an appropriation, which can last no longer than a year.