Paraja has 93 ratings and 4 reviews. Anuradha said: Paraja by Gopinath Mohanty is originally an Oriya novel, translated by Bikram K. Das, based in the tr.. . GOPINATH MOHANTY’S PARAJA: A STUDY IN 4TH WORLD PERSPECTIVE Bikram Keshari Mohanty Department of English Swarnachud College,Mitrapur. PDF | This article suggests that the concept of the moral economy of the peasant, as defined by James C. Scott, in the context of Southeast Asia, provides a.

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Discussing in detail the length and the breadth of Aboriginal writing duringShoemaker elucidates specific issues that articulate black past and other forms of Australian literature with authenticity.

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Extract From every hill the red tracks came down and converged at the Sahukar’s house like the threads in a spider’s web, and along these tracks came many a tribesman from the remotest gopnath.

Paraja by Gopinath Mohanty. The novel follows the slow decline of this tribal family, from the quite prosperity of the subsistence livelihood towards bondage to the local sahukar.

Book Review: Gopinath Mohanty’s ‘Paraja’

The first three have been translated by Bikram K. Posthumous conferral — — — — — — — Tribal life is punctuated with many festivals, but chief among them is the Festival of Spring —a fortnight of revelry, hunting and feasting.

He knew every contour and depression in the land; every thorn, every ant- hill had a history. mohant

The novel brings out a social picture of how the Paraja tribesmen live in that remote corner of Orissa. The slow decline in the fortunes of this family- from the quiet prosperity of a subsistence livelihood towards bondage to the local moneylende Written originally in Oriya in and translated here for the first time, Paraja is a classic of modern Indian fiction.


This existential problem also makes Jili and Billy the victims. He is widely regarded as the greatest Odia writer since Fakir Mohan Senapati. Grace rated it liked it Dec 09, Devastating and entirely plausible, given the history of indigenous communities in South Asia.

It is not long before that a road contractor comes to the village to hire men and women for the work. Oxford University Press, Scores of articles and novels have been written about the stranglehold of money-lenders and of their usurping the righls of tribals.

Mohanty’s vision is grim indeed. But as fate would have had it, the guard’s vulturine eyes for Jili enrages Sukru and he lashes out at him. Padma Bhushan award recipients — Skip to main content.

Gopinath Mohanty

He joined the Odisha Administrative Service in and retired in Sanjeewa rated it it was amazing Nov 05, Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Their system of living helps in promoting love among the young girls and the young men. Hence, the novel presents a very sensitive theme of the problem of existential struggle and the consequent suffering and can be interpreted as a piece of protest literature.

They are pioneers of a new trend, that of developing or projecting the “individual as protagonist” in Odia fiction. While Sukru was busy fighting the sahukar, Jili submits herself to the sahukar and becomes his mistress. Unable to take it anymore, Sukru and his sons, in a fit of rage pounce upon the sahukar and slay him with repeated blows. The novel projects the tradition and beliefs of the Parajas. It is for his poverty that Mandia loses Kajodi.


He takes revenge on Bisoi not for the suffering the latter has inflicted on him but to save his personal honour as an honest human being.

Of inhuman bondage – Society & The Arts News – Issue Date: Jun 15,

He fails to control himself anymore and joins his sons to hack him. But Mohanty’s gripping novel Paraja has succeeded in doing just that: Help Center Find new research papers in: Lisa LeFever rated it really liked it Mar 01, Aug 08, Srinidhi.

He finds that the court writer and the temple priest, after fleecing him have deliberately misled him about the date of his appearance in court, resulting in the dismissal of the case. He had watered the land with his sweat and nursed the seedlings with the warmth of his own body. Bring her to me.

He becomes depressed, at his life, at the bondage of his sons and at the mkhanty of his daughter Jili at the hands of the evil sahukar. He endures everything without protest even when he is duped by the court people and loses his favourite land to Bisoi.

Log In Sign Up. In December, the tribes observe one of their gopinatb festivals, to mark the gathering of the harvest; this is followed, fifteen days later, by the ritual eating of the new grain.