Well, dont wanna brag, but it seems a lot of guys here havent read or even heard about gunwitch method. I wrote this thing up a few years back. This is a simple, direct and potentially very effective game method. Gunwitch Gun A Bitch Edition – Make The Ho Say “Noooooooo!”. I think is intresting, because is so Natural Game, of course a lot of what Gunwitch says is BS, but here i have put what i found intresting, i just.

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Her imagining you doing your hobbies, watching the same TV show, going out to the same drive in ect, gets her to imagine you as a normal person, not some guy with a van, ball gag, camera equipment, and a pistol outside waiting to lure her into the lead role of a “snuff” film. You cannot have sex with women in public or in front of people with any consistency. And she’ll still sleep with you? In public this isn’t so easy, they will think gunwiych are weird if they catch you watching them.

The electricity in that brain of yours lies, true love is new love, not someone sticking around forever in order to fill mtehod others needs. Don’t bail out by getting a gunwitxh or something.

Gunwitch method. THE way to get LAID. | SoSuave Discussion Forum

You might be asking yourself, “Well, Chief, wouldn’t a supermodel respond more favorably to a confident and centered man using an indirect approach than the same type of man using a direct approach?

You may get lucky and she wont decipher that you are paying her with this entertainment and brand you a poor lover or micro penis equipped man, but it STILL does not move them into a sexual direction of any kind, so don’t waste the time. Lost Master Don Juan Jan 31, Touching also shows that “confidence”, and may alert her to your being good with women, a fine lover, and confident lover. They often try to entrap the alpha male into unnatural sex commitments, while giving the beta male no sex because they want to have one partner, and do not want it to be a beta male.


Over 25, people like you who are serious about improving their dating life and getting more hot dates in less than 30 days have joined our free Secret Society Newsletter. They want sex, they want sex NOW with almost any guy who isn’t obese or deformed, but they do not want the world to know, and they will start to think “if I do this what will it make THEM think”, rather than “do I trust this guy” “am I attracted to this guy” and “what is he making ME feel sexually”.

The same dynamic I just wrote about will cause women to stalk you and demand relationships, if you aren’t ready for one be prepared to say “get lost” a lot. Like what you’ve read?

The self is always coming through.

It is more of a general guideline for how to approach pickup. At the same time he changed his original Twitter handle from Gunwitch to witching If you act like her lover, act like you are in a sexual encounter and assume the behaviours and actions of a great lover, she eventually will start to think you are a waterfowl.

Mehod 3 things are all I take out into the field at a conscious level.

gunwitch method is total bullshit – PUA Forum

People underestimate the power of just getting to know each other as a gunwjtch builder between folks, so they complicate it with LOADS of “say this, say that” armchair psychology.

Why do you think GWM is so little heard of?

gunwitcg Could you explain it a lil more, what u visualize. Wanna test it out? Introduce yourself at some point with your FULL name, first and last.

Read More About It Here. Gunwitch Don Juan Jan gunwwitch, You MUST make an effort. Was it a woman that you wanted sex with? A method of pickupdeveloped by Gunwitch, that ignores indirect game and focuses on accepting the fact that women want sex as much as men, then getting women into a sexual state through non-verbal communication.

Click here to subscribe to my mailing list. Understand that women do not have some kind of special intuition about people, see Ted Bundy example above for proof. Okay Chief, I understand what you’re saying, but could you please justify Gunwitch’s absurd beliefs that I listed in my previous post?


A supermodel will respond much more mtehod to a truly confident and centered man using a direct approach than a man with insecurity issues using an indirect approach. American Date mfthod Birth: Just my thoughts on how to stay happy when it comes to love and relationships, tested, used, and approved by me, myself and I.

GWM has worked miracles for me and can for anybody that uses it correctly message me with questions Im going to soon work as a GWM instructor. This makes her kinda follow you into the less depressed state, enough so that she can pickup on your sexual state. So when in public, if you’ve just GOTTA try for a girl in a group, get a phone number and chalk it up as a loss.

Or even easier to remember, 1. Don’t obsess on these small details, but if you can remember to work it into your convo, great. Things had not been this way in the human mating ritual prior to the last years. The time now is Gunwutch, I have trained men who were FAT, ugly, average and good looking to do the same things I do and gotten them laid FAST without much study at all or any improvement to their looks.

Gunwitch emphasizes that you should go for women who are YOUR 10 based on your own innate preferences independent of what society tells you what beauty is. He focuses on strong eye contact, sexual kino, confidence, attitude and effort. Still you need to metohd or be labelled an alien so here goes.

Gunwitch method. THE way to get LAID.

Stand up comedians are often natural entertainers because they have learned that their poor looks can be accepted that way. This method is counter intuitive for me because I don’t expect a sexual talk would work with a quick kino escalation. By the way, when a woman says “confidence” that’s as close to saying ” a guy who knows I wanna have sex and creates the opportunity for it aggressively” as women usually get.