Heroica RPG General Discussion · 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · Heroica RPG Rules & FAQ · 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · Heroica RPG – Quest # An Unexpected Return. portion of this book re-writes most of the rules from all 4 Heroica set and changes quite a .. This is certainly not an attempt to turn Heroica into a traditional RPG. It’s at and is called “Alternative Version of Heroica”. Download the rules and the Quick Guide and start playing. It’s a blast.

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And finally at Level 50, the hero unlocks the master job classes.

Hheroica if your real life keeps you too busy for questing you can still introduce your character and sign into a quest when you have the time. Unless noted otherwise, a Hero may use a potion or scroll during your turn in addition to another action. With all the talent here it’d be a shame not to join Sandy’s game or start one here at CC. As usual for its games, Lego discontinued the project within two years, and after that deleted its web presence. Sign In Don’t have an account?

Lasts until the Hero attacks.

If you roll a Sword, you jump the amount of squares shown. An aspiring hero needs to fill the following form and post it into the Hero Statistics topic. Some heroifa also drop gold and items that are shared among the party as determined by the Party Leader.

Learn the Fire Strand technique!

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Ganrash is sometimes available at inflated prices, but be aware that anyone selling it without the original bag has probably built it from individual parts of other Lego sets to offer at a huge markup. In the middle of all of the city’s chaos, an organization known as Heroica dispatches heroes to all who need them.


This was a roll-and-move fantasy-RPG boardgame, alongside some nice microscale environs. Each quest has different requirements that the heroes need to fill. The sword indicates 1 point of damage.

All members of the party choose their desired action and target, and what range they will fight in. There were four initial Heroica sets released in The Rules I’ll probably have to re-read, but I bet it will do fairly well! Five points may be used to purchase a weapon representing a new skill for the Hero.

The host of the quest called the Quest Master or QM will decide which applicants can participate into the mission. Clerics can choose to restore health their allies and mages can cast magic spells, but both of these actions are dependent on ether.

This set was not released in the US and is difficult to find outside of Europe. Has a Character Sheet. The hero can change a job class except the basic one in-between quests at the Training Room topic.

There are many creative characters here of all races and the beautiful MOCs posted here would make for magnificent settings for quests if you story tellers choose to host a quest. A diagonal move counts as 1 space. If a party member is knocked out in a battle during a quest, they will be revived after the battle with one health. If it rolls a Skull, it is defeated. The game appeals to medieval fantasy fans as well as creative writers.

What are you waiting for? After all Heroes take their turns, all monsters move 3 squares towards the nearest Hero.

Heroica RPG

The battle ends when either all the opponents or all the heroes are defeated, or one heroicq has fled. The champions of Heroica spend their time in the famed Heroica Hall of Eubric Freeport, where they can chat amongst themselves and hear rumours around the world. Google [Bot] and 0 guests.


For example, when two Level 5 enemies attack a hero rulfs 5 SP, their combined attacks allow 5 damage to surpass the defense. Only certain items can revive fallen heroes during the battle, but they will automatically be revived with one health once the battle is over.

In Lego released a line of sets called Heroica. Users browsing this forum: Ether can be regained by consuming tonics or resting outside of battle with a bedroll. Usually a quest will require the heroes to form a party of varying size. The Wizard, Druid or a character with the staff is not affected by line of sight, only the indicated range. At Level 15, the hero gains access to the advanced job classeswhich combine the powers of two basic job classes.

Available battle actions depend on the job heoica of the player, but most classes can attack physically with or without a weapon only sages are unable to attack physically. From reading the rules over once it seems pretty interesting, rukes a lot like Dungeons and Dragons. All enemies that are not targeted by an attack by anyone in a round of battle get a Free Hit after the heroes have acted, causing damage to one of the heroes.

It is unique, due to the fact that the world is completely crafted by the players – over a dozen Game Masters have contributed, shaping the world of Olegaia to what it is today.

There you go, what do you guys think? Herioca enemies remain after the first round of turns, the players will choose new targets and actions, and a second round begins.