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It is no fashion Chinese network data, Michael Kors in fiscal year michael kors replica 2014 total revenue $ 3,310,800,000 March 29, 2014 ended, however, the wholesale and retail revenue is roughly equal incomes were $ 1,577,700,000 and $ 1,593,000,000, but the fourth quarter wholesale revenues and retail michael kors totes sales revenues were $ 473.7 million and $ 408.4 million, showing retail sales surge in the case of the new store is quite weak, and all this is because by the discounts affected. Michael Kors in the fourth quarter recorded a gross profit margin of 59.9%, compared with 60.1% in the same period of fiscal 2012/2013 there fell 20 basis points, Chief michael by michael kors Executive Officer John D. Idol represent season (2014/2015 fiscal year earnings conference call on a quarter) gross margin may not be as expected, and expected future profitability could be under pressure for several quarters.

For these problems to worry about when Michael Kors fourth quarter michael kors sale earnings release already caused investors to worry about, Michael Kors Hodlings Ltd. (NYSE: KORS) May 28 announced fiscal 2014 fourth quarter and full year results before the market opens, achieved despite continued High growth in revenues and profits, however, the market for this "magic" luxury retail stocks always vigilant, because the gross margin michael kors totes on sale expansion may be accompanied by compression, disk before May 28 after shares rose 8% Michael Kors emergency opening down, down as much as 4.9 percent, closing up 1.3% reported $ 97.01, May 29 stock price volatility continued, the highest drop of up to 5.5 percent, closing fell 2.2%.