Jodidarachi Nivad – Laingik Shikshan (जोडीदाराची निवड – लैंगिक शिक्षण) in Marathi by Anil Bhagwat – Download ebook on. – Buy Laingik Shikshan – Jababdar Vartanasathi – Marathi Version of Responsible Sex Education book online at best prices in India on – Buy Laingik Shikshan book online at best prices in India on Amazon. in. Read Laingik Shikshan book reviews & author details and more at.

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The book could be worthwhile friend for both elderly persons and the custodians as well. One person defending himself with plus people. Simon Crasta Tue, Dec 6 Mr. Don’t ever think if more than dislikes will change your point of view.

The Old Testament also unfolds the five books written in the form of poetry; from Job to the Song of Solomon.

Remedial measures have been suggested to these disorders and several other old age related frailty. One has to know how to lainguk healthy and live happily, live long. It’s happen many times in the past. The book was unveiled at a function held in Dubai recently. Good Work and your comment justifable as per I am concerned.

I salute the dedication and hardwork of Dr. Don’t kaingik see people are living longer life extended due medication and timely treatment? I have all the books of Dr.


If our lives are in God’s hands then why should we go to hospital for our physical and mental check up? You are a real gem of Konkani as well as Mangalorean Catholic Community. He needs very badly the book of Dr Edward which is for Youth. Result every body knows well. Can any one tell this book is in Konkani language or in english or Knnada. Edward, Congratulations to you and thanks a lot for your such dedicated efforts.

Laingik shikshan vidyalaya

Let Almighty lord bless and your family and give you the grace to continue the good work. Edward is answering all question related to health is in englidh and it is kaingik useful and i personally aapreciate.

If this book is not meant for you,atleast its useful to your parents in New Delhi.! I advise everybody to read the book and understand our body well The valuable health tips on common illness and disorders such as high cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure and heart connected ailments are highly informative.

Jim Dsouza Wed, Jul 24 I would like to pruchase the book on health issuse. Pidestank ek doctor matr nai astana ek consultant, advisor javn tuvem korchi seva vorthi. Thanks Stan for your reveiw.

Laingik Shikshan written Dr. Jagannath Dixit by Saket Prakashan | Buy Marathi Books Online

The essential factors related to the changes and transformations that take lainglk in eyes, ears, digestive system, bones, joints and sexual organs are informatively explained. God bless you to release many more books like this.


Roshan Tauro Thu, Dec 1 Dear Harsha Malhotra Its true that we are puppets in God’s hand that does not mean to live irresponsibly and get diseases and suffer.

The book makes life simple for the seniors and aged. But the truth is, the things that really satisfy us are free Comments laongik this article. It enlightens on how the aged can take of them selves by staying healthy and provides also useful information for caretakers in looking after the aged.

Hope to get my hands on the complete series of the books. We get into bigger ailments while neglecting the alerting signals of curable conditions. There is advice on revitalizing the energy level and to maintain the youthfulness at older shhikshan. Fathima Sheikh Mon, Dec 5 Mr. Harsha Malhotra Thu, Dec 1 Mr.