The long-awaited reissue of the first part of the classic spy trilogy, HOOK, LINE and SINKER, when the Berlin Wall divided not just a city but a world. Working for . The long-awaited reissue of the first part of the classic spy trilogy, HOOK, LINE and SINKER, when the Berlin Wall divided not just a city but a The long-awaited reissue of the second part of the classic spy trilogy, HOOK, LINE and SINKER, when the Berlin Wall divided not just a city but a

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The Deighton Dossier

Spy Hook spj very much a character based thriller – as Deighton’s novels often tend to be. In contrast, Dicky Cruyer his boss is now Controller of German Stations, the job Bernard coveted, and his old friend Frank Harrington has stayed on as Berlin Controller to clean up the mess left by a network blown apart by the Stinnes affair.

No matter where Deiggton went or what I did, Berlin would always be home for me. Why it’s enjoyable After a fantastic opening trilogy, the story is taken to a whole new depth by Deighton as the levels of treachery, chicanery and deception in London Central are revealed by the tenacious Samson, who finds himself at the centre of a growing maelstrom.

And Deighton has this annoying manner of presenting his characters as clowns, jokes, with sad attempts at humor. This article about a spy novel of the s is a stub. There were times when Spy Hook felt like a story about a middle aged man raising children and starting a new relationship with a younger woman, and who is also coincidentally a spy. Bernard then takes his evidence to the Director General, who in a surprise turn of events orders his arrest, which thanks to some quick thinking by Werner Volkmann, Bernard evades for the while.

In this book, Bernard Sampson is a “spy” working for the “Service” who has a buddy who has moved to America who confides in him that there are some funds no one knows about in the Service that are missing and wonders if Sampson’s wife, who has defected to the KGB, has something to do with it.


Via old contacts the narrator realises Champion is active again, but working for Arabs who are planning some kind of attack on Israel and which the narrator must foil. There are some interesting twists involving the reappearance of several characters. The contrast between Samson domesticity in both London and Berlin, and the frightening world of espionage only makes the latter more fearsome.

Spy Hook is the first in a new trilogy featuring the same characters, also told in the first person by Bernard, but represents a break with the first set in a number of ways. I found it entertaining yet unsatisfying in itself.

Spy Hook by Len Deighton (1988)

I deihgton rooting for him lrn get shot. Forced to flee from the clutches of London Central, Bernard then asks himself a simple question about Fiona: But I’ll be damned if I’m supposed to buy a book just to buy another! Other books in the series. I know that sounds like someone walked into his office with a case, like he’s a PI, but in ddighton Bernard is a spook, of sorts, and he’s just curious as to what happened to the money, especially because it may involve his wife, and it certainly seems to involve a good friend of his in the Department.

Really, Deighton fleshes out not only the characters themselves, but the world the inhabit, so the Sampson books are really like what you’d call a “franchise universe.

By that I mean not much happens at all through most of the book exciting events filled with spy intrigue that isit’s more like the book is setting the reader up for future stuff. His sexy young girlfriend Gloria is good with the children but rubbish at cooking, which prompts a tearful shouting match after she makes burned sausages, lumpy mash and dripping wet spinach for dinner.

Views Read Edit View history. Is Bernard really that naive, or is he also playing “the game” for all it’s worth? Brian Samson was with the American troops tracking them down, but it was those soldiers who shot the escaping brothers. Another great reading from Len Deighton and his Samson character. Crisp enough prose, but fiction needs to have a bit more than just smooth texture.


Overall this was very well written, with a good voice. The workings of Samson’s family continue to resonate; his children are getting older and slowly adapting to Samson’s new relationship with Gloria, but he can tell they miss their mother, and he’s caught llen a place where he can’t tell them the truth, so he can’t really even explain what’s going on with their family.

Grumpy old man Bernard Samson is 43 but he moans a lej. I have an American published version of this book, unfortunately not with the nice cover of the English series incorrect cover shown in Goodreads I was amused to see the American publishers had gone through the text to change some English words to English for the illiterate aka, American.

But in a departure from the first trilogy, the covers of Spy Hook, Spy Line and Spy Sinker were all different designs. May 05, Joel Thimell rated it really liked it. Days later, Sampson is told this man has been murdered, which turns out to be false.

Spy Hook (Bernard Samson, #4) by Len Deighton

No trivia or quizzes yet. Aug 09, Beatrijs le it Shelves: This trilogy is preceded by the Game, Set and Match trilogy and followed by the final Faith, Hope and Charity trilogy. Sample dialogue ‘”If you want my advice All are very good books so why not? Disconcertingly, Frank is expecting him, and delivers the knockout blow: I expect I will have to order more after these to continue the saga.

Spy Hook – Wikipedia

Pen great start to the second trilogy. Uncle Dodo, though he turns out to be a savage killer, lives in a rundown ramshackle dirty house, wearing tatty threadbare clothes. While in Washington DC, Samson is asked to question a former British intel agent who was in charge of a fund containing millions of pounds which has gone missing.