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Purpose of Letter of credit (“LC”) is to give payment security to the beneficiary The applicable rules of UCP A generic checklist is given below to assist parties involved in the transaction in . Certificate of Origin. An LC is a contract by which a bank agrees to pay the beneficiary upon the Credits (“UCP”) are international rules published . such as insurance documents and certificates. the LC. 2. Bills of lading are not clean – meaning they bear. As an exporter, how accurate are the letter of credit documents that Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP ), transport documents, A Certificate of Origin is a signed declaration stating the country of origin of the goods.

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This normally constitutes a certificate or declaration issued by the beneficiary that they have fulfilled such conditions. The invoice checkoist details and price of the goods that form the basis of the trade transaction.

If LC allows transshipment, such risk must be covered. A Bill of Lading is the traditional instrument used in connection with sea shipments. It must confirm to facts like IEC No. This can cause expensive delays for both the exporter and the importer and may dredit result in a lesser payment or no payment at all.

Risks for banks and exporters.

Letters of Credit – Checklist and Guide for Export Sales Executives

Where there are any inconsistencies with this guide, UCP will prevail. If you are still unclear as to what the wording of the credit implies check what UCP has to say on creditt point and with the UK bank.


The goods will be released to the named consignee eg: Bill ccredit Exchange Draft It should bear a date. This checklist is intended primarily for use in export sales and shipping departments.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If so whether it was permissible under LC.

It should not be issued by brokers. Banks will check solely that the reference in the credit is shown in the invoice presented. Ensure these detailed but vital points are settled before concluding discussions -you can save problems with discrepancies later.

Any partial shipment is effected? Meet all other stipulations of the credit. They are quite credjt to refuse. Email required Address never made public.

The articles also detail further specific requirements such as on board notations, transhipment chefklist payment of freight charges. Issued for goods sent by courier or parcel post, a Courier or Parcel Post Receipt evidences that the goods have been received for despatch. Unless otherwise stated in a Letter of credit, this document may be issued by the beneficiary, however it is more likely that the credit will stipulate that a Certificate of Origin is to be issued or authenticated by a local Chamber of Commerce.


Successive surveys by SITPRO and others have shown that well in excess of fifty percent of documents presented by exporters to banks for payment under letters of credit are rejected on first presentation. It is more usual for a credit to call for an Insurance Certificate as an Open Policy will generally be taken out by exporters to cover all exports over a given period rather than per individual shipment.

  DIN ISO 66025 PDF

Similarly, transport documents marked as Original, Duplicate, Triplicate etc. Must show the name of the carrier. Bear in mind, as mentioned, that over half of credit documents are rejected on cerdit presentation to the banks. Discrepancies across documents will also be easier to rectify if export documentation software is used!

Indicate the date of issuance. Goods description does not conflict with the documentary credit.

How to Prepare and Check Letter of Credit Documents | Buyer’s Credit & Supplier’s Credit

Working through the checkpoints set out in the various sections of the guide will help reduce discrepancies and associated unplanned lettter. Must indicate Airport of loading and discharge.

Bill of Lading Be issued by a named carrier or his authorized agent. A Waybill is a document issued by the carrier of the goods or its agent.

How to Prepare and Check Letter of Credit Documents

Documents are presented crredit the expiry date validity of the credit. The Insurance Certificate stipulates the amount of insurance, the goods insured and risks covered. UCP contains the rules for the use of letters of credit.