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In the embodiments of the present application, a first device determines, according to first configuration information, that a beam for sending a first uplink reference signal on a first antenna port is the same as a beam for sending a second uplink reference signal on a second antenna port, and the first device sends the first uplink reference signal on the first antenna port.

The present application provides a communication method and system, a network device and a terminal device. Thus, the terminal device can acquire indication information in control information needing to be detected with lower signalling overheads. The method may further include, for each of the plurality of candidate recognition results, extracting one or more keywords from the candidate recognition result and determining at least one parameter associated with the one or more extracted keywords.

In the embodiments of luclte present application the method comprises: If the advertising packet does not include an indication of a preference for processing the advertising packet by the controllerthe advertising packet can be processed by a host Provided are a carrier wave grouping method and device.

The present invention avoids simultaneously sending data on two resources in the same sub-frame, thereby reducing the peak to average power ratio and improving the transmission power efficiency and coverage performance. The present application provides a data transmission method, a network device, and a terminal device.

According to the identity recognition method, apparatus, system and the server, an account is set to have a corresponding relationship with a post, thus a successor of the post can browse historical-data information of the account corresponding to the post through the login password. Disclosed in the present application are a channel quality feedback method and device.

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The base station may compute an average spectral efficiency for each reference signal resource set and may transmit a report to the UE. The present invention relates to a composition comprising zinc thiazole particles and a preparation method therefor. The encoding method, device, communication equipment, and communication system of the present application support encoding requirements of information bit sequences of various lengths.


The present application provides a focus region display method and apparatus, and a terminal device. According to the embodiments of the present application, a network device jointly indicates the number of coding block groups comprised in a transmission block and at least one coding block group comprised in the data transmission by means of lucige values, thereby reducing the number of bits occupied by an indication signaling and reducing the signaling overhead.

Provided wetterschuz the present disclosure are a method and terminal for counting preamble retransmission in a random access process, the method for counting preamble retransmission comprising: The tracking device is connected with the controller.


Disclosed are an image exposure method and device, a photographing device, and a storage medium. A method and apparatus for sending control information, and a method and apparatus for receiving control information, for use in providing an approach for determining a resource used for transmitting a PUCCH.

Thus, different elements can lcuite bound to be an associated whole and associatedly displayed in a page, and in response to zooming of one element, the other element can be zoomed at an equal ratio. The UE beam training gaps are periods where UE-specific data transmission does not happen within the serving control beam time region. When the temperature of the battery pack reaches the first preset temperature, the battery pack enters an over-temperature wetterchutz state, which affects the life of the battery pack.

By enabling the bandwidth length of any one of the N frequency hop bandwidth parts to be less than or equal to the bandwidth length of the active-BP of the terminal device, the terminal device, when performing frequency hop according to the parameter information of any one of the N frequency hop bandwidth parts, would not hop out of the active-BP of the terminal device.

Provided are a compound of formula I having ROCK-inhibiting activity, a preparation method for the compound, and uses in preparing a medicament for treating ROCK activity abnormality-related diseases. The insertion site of the exogenous gene is at least one of the positions of the deleted genes coding ICP The feed network includes first and second phase-mode feed probes coupled to the respective radial TEM waveguides, which provide respective phase-mode feed ports. Provided are a PTRS processing method and apparatus.

Reference signals independently sent over a data channel are saved, the resource utilization is improved, and the transmission reliability of a URLLC service is improved.

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The present application provides a transmission rate control method and apparatus, lucitd method comprising: In order to solve the problem of a user only being able to manually adjust different sound effect modes in a traditional sound system, the system for automatically lucige the sound effect modes of an onboard audio system provided by the present invention comprises: Present patent application discloses a video conference system utilizing a transparent display to enable eye contacting between different participants.


The access method comprises: Disclosed in an embodiment of wettsrschutz present application is a method for controlling access, luciite is used for reducing the complexity of controlling network slice access. The method for transmitting control information of embodiments of the present application is beneficial to reduce bit redundancy of the downlink control information DCI and avoid the terminal device from blind detection of the downlink control information of different bit lengths, thus reducing the complexity of a receiver.

According to the embodiments of the present application, during a neutral network-based target recognition process, a deformed image is corrected first, and then target recognition is performed on the basis of the corrected image, so that the interference of deformation with target recognition can be reduced.

The DRX configuration method comprises: Each first area is a first sidewall luctie of one sealing unit Disclosed is a tumour-targeted nanocapsule comprising a polymer sensitive to a tumour microenvironment, a substance having an anti-tumour activity and encapsulated by the polymer, and a tumour diagnostic reagent or a contrast agent; wherein the polymer sensitive to the tumour microenvironment comprises a cross-linking agent sensitive to the tumour microenvironment and 2-methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine, and the cross-linking agent sensitive to the tumour microenvironment at luite comprises a polypeptide cross-linking agent capable of being degraded by an enzyme overexpressed in the tumour microenvironment.

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The connection management method of the present application comprises: In the present invention, a purification processing is provided for a pouring workroom. The wettefschutz device for a refrigerator cabinet according to the embodiments of the present application has a simple and compact structure and facilitates the modularized luxite of a refrigerator cabinet.

The method, which may be implemented at a terminal device, comprises obtaining measurement information based at least in part on configurations of a master network node and a secondary network node.