has ratings and 80 reviews. Dan said: Yet another great read from a great series. re-read: In this novel, we get to meet, and absorb new. Having read 20th century history books of the period, he has become determined to rescue Galileo from his trial for heresy. The Americans are divided on. The Galileo Affair. The Epic Struggle of Freedom and Justice Against the Tyrannies of the 17th Century Continues, as European Cunning Meets American .

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The Galileo Affair Index Page

The Galileo Affair is a prime example of one of the risks run in reading genre series: Lists with This Book. The Dreeson Incident I liked it a lot but it’s not as good as the previous two books. Michael Stearns selects Lawrence Mazzare to lead the delegation to Venice because of his galoleo fame or notoriety among Catholics. At times the book made me feel really annoyed that they were so stupid. So while I still enjoy seeing the universe evolve, the path there can become tedious.

So, I won’t be picking up any other books orfor that matter. I liked affaie and I would read it again. So they started putting out multiple novels forone taking place in England, one in Austria, and The Galileo Affair in Italy.

However, I wish there was more action, and more connections with the other books.

It’s vastly less focused on military matters I like David Weber fine, but I’m just not as interested in guns as he is and the Stone family is a nice counterpoint to the otherwise fairly idealized blue-collar main characters. Also, familiarity with previous titles is a must as the authors place readers right in the middle of the action.

I liked and more than I thought I would; this sequel is the best of the 1364 so far. Here’s the basics of this crazy sci-fi concept: Whether he needs it or not.


A Parcel of Rogues This galieo also chronicles the falling in love of two important Grantville characters, Sharon Nichols and Frank Stone. Also, familiarity with previous titles is a must as the authors place readers right in the middle of the action. I skipped it and read book 3, but the writing style didn’t grab me as much as the first book and I’d definitely missed a lot of plot from skipping a book.

Languages Italiano Edit links.

Feb 08, Kay rated it galkleo was amazing Shelves: What I find amazing about this book, the whole series really, is how it actually makes me enjoy the politics of this world that has been created. In the tradition of Italy’s commedia dell’arte, the rollicking plot serves to bring 1643 lovers together despite formidable obstacles.

The Galileo Affair is the fourth book and third novel published in the series. Flint manages to very carefully thread the fine line between detail and readability.

And I am looking forward to more of Sharon Nichols as a diplomatic envoy With a much tighter cast of characters and plot than its predecessors, we’re able to get a deep, rather than a broad, look at the setting and really develop some fun plot threads.

This may be the influence of Andrew Dennis, with his attempts at humor sometimes being rather immature seeming. I figure the next few books in the valileo will likewise focus on small away missions, I hope more succesfully than this one.

The Galileo Affair – Wikipedia

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Feb 26, Beth rated it really liked it Shelves: Additionally, the same charm that the first two novels have is also present here. Because I’m now reading some modern science fiction, his stories feel slow and overly detailed.

Popes, revolutionaries, hippies and agents provocateurs chasing each other around and through the Vatican. Aug 31, Dale rated it it was ok. A group of West Virginians have secretly traveled to Venice where their advanced medical knowledge may prevent the recurrence of the terrible aftair which recently killed a third of the city-state’s population.


The United States of Europe which is the West Virginia town of Grantville transported back in time to the s, is sending a delegation to Gailleo to build up a pharmaceutical industry but Cardinal Richelieu continues to scheme and the ” Return to Book Page. Assiti Shards 3Universe. Jul 27, Daniel Bratell rated it it was ok.

1634: The Galileo Affair

Assiti Shards 1 – 10 of 20 books. It starts slow, especially I think considering I avoid all the Virginia DeMarce books because they’re horrible so I don’t catch all the references in the beginning.

Goodreads calls this “Assiti Shards, 3” but in the recommended reading order this is in pos 6 or possibly 5 Ram Rebellion can be read before this one without any real loss.

There is pre-matital sex but if you have read the previous novels you already know this. It confines itself to one main plotline with associated subplots, and although it has a fair qffair of PoV characters they’re all associated with the same plotline.

Why spend time developing this new story when your readers are so excited about finding what happens in the primary plot lines? A great read and an excellent book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Following Grantville’s alliance with Gustavus Adolphus and their military successes, texts of modern-day history books of the seventeenth century have become very popular among the powerful personages of Europe and made dramatic effects and turmoil on avfair continent.

Please select region, galoleo or province.

Lastly this whole series has gotten me interested in reading more about this time period from both a political, religious and military point of view.