This article is about the rules supplement. For the campaign setting, see Neverwinter (campaign setting). The Neverwinter Campaign Setting is a 4th edition. This year, Wizards returned to the setting with a campaign book for a small portion of it: the Neverwinter Campaign Setting. And it’s impressed. I am interested in running this campaign and wanted to hear from I used the Neverwinter Campaign Setting book for a 4E campaign, and I.

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WOTC Forgotten Realms 4e Neverwinter Campaign Setting HC NM | eBay

Do you know if there is a readily available Key for locations in Neverwinter? Results 1 to 10 of Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Huh, well, i actually cannot find a map that has a lot of detail, or even a listing.

If this setting had been published ina lot of the complainers about 4E being only for roll-players and not role-players would have been satisfied. I did some browsing but didn’t see one. That big crevice on the map is interesting. I find this an inspirational setting, which aids the DM and players in creating a campaign with all the elements of a superior RPG experience.

Neverwinter was a thriving city back in the glory days before the Spellplague, but a volcanic eruption devastated the city. Meanwhile, many other groups of note are also scheming in Neverwinter.

This section also touches on the nation of Thay, whose intrigues have such an impact on Neverwinter. Tuesday, 9th August, A sect of the powerful aberrant dynasty is devoted to manipulating a pocket of Spellplague beneath the city. However, the book is relatively mechanics light. I saw this 4e supplement online, can anyone tell me more about it? Errors The following errors occurred with your submission.


Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Monday, 5th September, Conclusion If this setting had been published ina lot of the complainers about 4E being only for roll-players and not role-players would have been satisfied. Admittedly, the Spellplague played a role but it could easily have been replaced.

Results 11 to 20 of Not outstanding, but good. Reset Fields Log in. The Bladesinger is mostly a melee character, using Intelligence as their attack score, but nevrewinter can cast spells through their blade. I also dropped the Ashmadai in favour of cultists of Graz’zt posing as followers of Waukeen instead.

The release of the original Grey Box set was a revelation, and the ongoing series of FR supplements which added detail and maps to the setting were fabulous. Kind of like Bizzaro world. Until then, the heroes remain trapped in conflict with a seemingly settibg supply of underlings. If I find anything do you want to see it? I really enjoy high-level campaigns, but this supplement makes the heroic campaign work capaign well.

Canon doesn’t matter to me so I’ll just use or ignore whatever. Monday, 5th September, Well, one thing i’ve already done is print the Neverwinter map in full poster size.

I love the Bladesinger class from that book, the ability to do some minor magic attack and swing a sword every round is exactly what I want from a class like that. Here’s my review of the book. Wednesday, 5th October, These ones are linked specifically to a deity and suggestions of domains for other deities are also given. We also get a new class: The chasm happened during the Eruption of mount Hotenow I think.


But I don’t know exactly what caused it. Never thought to play past the end of LMoP. Most everything I see is tied to the videogame walkthrough, like you said.

WOTC Forgotten Realms 4e Neverwinter Campaign Setting HC NM

Skip to main content. Neverwinter Campaign Setting 4e to 5e So I want to extend my current 5e campaign from Lost Mine of Phandelver and it looks like it’s heading to Neverwinter next. The concept behind the themes — adding sstting very slight boost to character power whilst providing a campaign role and background — works exceptionally well in this book, especially as the designers have selected thirteen interesting backgrounds. And Cult of the Dragon members are unwittingly aiding the Thayan cause.

Monsters vampaign the lost settinb city, while duergar dig deep beneath it and drow plot to dominate it. Rather neverwinte exciting are the new domains for the warpriest and, as a result, new powers for the cleric.

Wednesday, 5th October, Factions and Foes The DM side of things is primarily looking at the various conflicts and intrigues occurring in Neverwinter, and the personalities and factions who are behind that. If you get this book, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission.