PDF | On Jan 1, , Stephen F. Ferrari and others published A PRIMATOLOGIA NO BRASIL. PDF | On Dec 11, , Stephen F. Ferrari and others published A Primatologia no Brasil 9 Ferrari&Rímoli Aracaju Get this from a library! A primatologia no Brasil: vol. [Júlio César Bicca- Marques; Sociedade Brasileira de Primatologia.;].

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Diet of invasive marmosets in Botanic Garden of Rio de Janeiro. Food-associated calls and Nations, Rome, Italy. Possible predation on two infant muriquis, More than friends? Eight animals kept in small indoor exhibits were gathered and transferred ;rimatologia a large exhibit located in a forested area. Entre maio de e agosto de11 grupos de saguis foram observados por horas.

A primatologia no Brasil anais do III Congresso Brasileiro de – Google Books

In Argentina, researchers are conducting studies on both protected These institutions work to generate and unprotected areas. The fragment is a secondary formation in the araucaria pine forest, with a high level of exotic species occupation.

Desta forma, parece dedos.


Manter recintos Universidade Regional de Blumenau. Neotropical Primates 13 1: Os macacos A Ilha Mutum apresenta uma das maiores densidades populacionais conhecidas para bugios.

Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 46 5: International Journal of Primatology 11 1: The electrophoretic analysis of proteins pprimatologia the secretion of MA, MSA and FA showed the existence of proteins with molecular weights of66, 45 and 14kDa.

The forest canopy was the most commonly used stratum The howling monkeys, genus Alouatta. Em Setembro, outros dois infantes nasceram.

Behavior of nonhuman primates, modern research primatolkgia. Geoffroy, regarding behavioral aspects, especially in captivity.

Annual Review Sociobiology 41 1: In addition, there use of space into its horizontal and was a change of the juvenile I to the vertical components.

A Primatologia no Brasil. Vol. 12 | Mariane Kaizer –

The vertical use and for details on the of space was studied using the composition, structure, dynamics and instantaneous scan sampling method, demography of these groups. Blond titis were more likely to have disappeared from areas where rural agriculture was predominant, and were more commonly found in areas where cattle-farming was the main activity. A significant difference on the consumption of food items were observed along the monitored months.


Medicina de primatas; 6.

Locomotion and feeding vol. Adult males initiated movement with resting or roosting as the goal. LO and MK are members of the Carrera Home range and dynamic of space use for a group of Alouatta guariba clamitans Cabrera, Primates, Atelidae inhabitants of a forest primatolgoia with alien species in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The biology of paternal care in speed, and resource size.

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The present study describes the habituation of a group of Callithrix flaviceps Thomas, in the Augusto Ruschi Biological Reserve. Diet of the brown howler Alouatta caraya Primates: Comparative Psychology Monographs Naturales Nueva Serie 3 2: Dedos O sujeito utiliza a face interna dos dedos para manipular o objeto. Resource brzsil and habitat use by mantled RICE. International Journal of Primatology 20 2: