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AC , AIRCRAFT ELECTRICAL WIRING. INTERCONNECTION SYSTEMS TRAINING PROGRAM. Commenter. Comment. Requested Change. Disposition. FAA AC LESSON EWIS Incidents. In this lesson, we cover: • EWIS. • TWA Flight Incident. • Lufthansa Cargo Incident. LESSON EWIS. The guidance used to identify and meet these training needs is contained in FAA Advisory Circular (AC) This course addresses EWIS compliance.

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Practical Aircraft Wiring- GLOBALJET

Domestic, Flag, and Supplemental Operations. We have provided training for major airlines in Africa such as. Available lighting is normally supplemented with af direct source of good lighting at an intensity deemed appropriate. Hands-on Equipment and Teaching Aids Normal classroom lecture can be used for the majority of the training.

Insulation qualities and damage limits X X Contamination protection planning a. Examples of wire discrepancies should also be made available to the student. Sources of electrostatic discharge c. A mirror may be necessary to enhance visual access to all exposed surfaces in the inspection area.

This document 120-49 a brief overview of Lectromec s process for addressing the maintenance and. A well-maintained and clean work environment results in more machine.

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Terminal block non-modular a. Clamp removal and fitting f. Comparing apples-to-apples bids Plant Services Special Report A shock hazard av should be included as part of an arc.


This includes personal entertainment devices and laptop computers. Measurement and troubleshooting using meters a.

Connective Devices Repair This module is primarily a hands-on class, emphasizing the repair and replacement of connective devices found on the airplane. Knowledge of the different types of inspections. Troubleshooting procedures manuals, including fault isolation manual all chapters b.

Rectangular connectors X What is Static Electricity? Color photographs of typical external damage and internal damage could be used to show problems on the airplane. Important data and tables X Examples of switchgear found More information. Drawings and general provisions of the Contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions and More information. Combined Airframe and Powerplant A. Tools, special tools, and equipment X 4.

For handy reference, insert your nameplate. The ATA specification wire maintenance video and color photos of actual electrical wiring interconnection system contamination could be used to show typical problems found on the airplane. Replacement of components for grounding modules. Airframe Maintenance Technician Program Description Practical and theoretical knowledge in basic maintenance techniques, plus the special requirements of either airframe or powerplant work.

Human factors in inspection X X Hands-on Equipment and Teaching Aids Normal classroom lecture can be used for the majority of this training.


This advisory circular AC provides aircraft operators with More information. Verification of calibration of electrical measuring 120-4, tools, and equipment so that correct maintenance procedures may be carried out.


It could consist of a review of previously covered material plus any new material or revisions to publications. ESDS safety procedures e. Part number identification b.

How to recognize external contamination and other damage due to external environmental conditions. Original 07 More information. Superintendent of Documents, U. The NTSB specifically cited the need for improved training of personnel to ensure adequate recognition and repair of potentially unsafe wiring conditions. Assembly, torque, and strain relief 5. In line More information. Chapter cross-reference 120-994 X The guidance provided in this document is directed to air carriers, air operators, and repair stations.

The objective of this EWIS training program is to give operators or maintenance 120-4 organizations a model for developing their own EWIS training program. Proposal for apprentice training in. Visual inspection procedures X