² 4XR 9DGLV” $& New GL Migration 7KLV LV $& FRXUVH YHUV FROO QG KDOI RI Duration: 3 days AC course version / Visit. •ACenables project members and consultants to perform a migration project from classic to the new General Ledger Accounting. Therefore the. This chapter will explain the key areas of new functionality in the SAP General. Ledger, provide an overview of the most common migration scenarios, and.

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You activate the new General Ledger at client level. In a second wave, you migrate documents of the current fiscal year to the new General Ledger during normal operation.

As a prerequisite you require ECC 5. The difference to KE52 is that the check for existence of transaction data which may be very time-consuming in mass maintenance cannot take place until you save. Depending on the migration scenario, you can load the required migration package, which includes the migration steps in the form of a process tree.

New General Ledger Migration(FI-CO)

See Note for information about cross-fiscal year reporting. That is, this type of migration cannot be mapped completely with any of the available standard scenarios.

You can also create a residual item or post differences. What must I consider in module CO Controlling regarding functional area and segment?

Migration to the New General Ledger

This means that document splitting must be either active or inactive in both company codes forming a pair for cross-company postings. How can I update the functional area and segment in CO totals records? Sales tax-relevant postings are always posted in genera ledgers.

You reset cleared items in phase 1. You can adapt the data volume by entering intervals for the document numbers in the selection screen. The reconciliation of the new General Ledger and Asset Accounting at a level below company code and account for example, profit center or segment is currently not supported.


Non-leading ledgers can manage only a selection of the currencies that are defined for the leading ledger. This program does not process down payment requests, parked documents and noted items. Which documents are transferred to new General Ledger Accounting?

Therefore, no general ledger view is created for these documents. If document splitting is active, clearing documents will always have two line items in the entry view table Migratin. First, configure Customizing for planning in the new General Ledger according to the steps in the implementation guide. A prerequisite for the migration is that year-end closing has been performed for the previous fiscal year. The reason for this error is that you use a document type for the bill of exchange payment that is not configured according to requirements.

This is not possible.


You can never summarize fields that you want to use in document splitting for example, profit center, segment and the relevant partner fields. Even though the accounts are no longer required in generql future, if account is valuated before the migration date, only one amount is displayed and this amount is incorrect — see above.

This means that you should upgrade to ECC 6. Since real time integration is active, the reconciliation ledger will not create any more FI postings in phase 1.

You can configure foreign currency valuation in transaction OBA1. What must I do if I want the document splitting function to set partner assignments in company code clearing lines? The migration programs read the data in the original FI document. To do so, use the following path in the implementation guide: If the internal EC-PCA documents result from allocations for example, from distributionsyou can create new cycles in the new General Ledger and rerun the cycles in the new General Ledger subsequently for the periods mitration phase 1.

After this initial migration of documents from the current year, you can repeat this process every day by scheduling recurring jobs for example once a day at night time.


Transport the document splitting validation at a later stage. To summarize, the incremental approach means that only the activities for the third mibration are performed during the downtime. The abovementioned changes and conversion tests are easier to perform in migration phase 1 that is, before productive migration in the classic General Ledger than at t later stage tje the new General Ledger is active after the migration. Therefore, you cannot summarize the relevant fields.

You must store pure new General Ledger configurations, configuration of validation of document splitting and activation of the new General Ledger in different transport orders.

How can I display the offsetting account in the line item display? This does not apply to ECC 5. How should I set up my transport system in my new General Ledger project? What must I consider for migratio for balance mifration accounts and reconciliation accounts in the new General Ledger?

See also Note For more information about shortened fiscal years, see Note You change the profit center in a cost center that is used in the asset account master data.

SAP-Servicekatalog Konsumgüterindustrie

The same applies if you want to post CO-internal allocations to Ne that cause a change in company code, business area, functional area, segment or grant. What must I consider nww the currency settings for the new General Ledger? What must I take into account? During the system downtime, create a last worklist for documents of the current year and, for the last time, run the program that ledgef the document splitting information. You can continue to use the old derivation of functional area according to event In the new General Ledger, this is always possible for the profit center and the segment.

Can any date in the fiscal year be chosen as the migration date? Which tool is available to analyze these inconsistencies?