Feedback. You can give us feedback – comments, critiques, suggestions, etc. Bug reports and feature requests are always welcome. Check out our forums and. This screenshot shows the Aegisub main window with everything open: The two most important areas are the Subtitles Grid and Edit Box. The grid shows all the. By: Karl Blomster. Kanji Timer. Description: A video tutorial demonstrating how the kanji timer can be used to synchronize kanji timing to roomaji timing. By: Niels .

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The vector clip visual typesetting tool only supports the m, l and b commands, and may corrupt drawings which use the other commands.

Introduction What is Aegisub? Editing subtitles Editing subtitles in Aegisub is done in two areas: New subtitles Create a new, blank script i.

Holding Ctrl while pressing Enter will stay on the line instead of going to the next, but still commit the changes. Use 1 for left-alignment, 2 for center alignment and 3 for right-alignment. First fade starts when the line starts and lasts milliseconds.


Editing Subtitles

Note that at high values the effect de-generates into nothingness, and generally isn’t very useful. In the File menu, there are four menu choices that relate to opening aegixub creating subtitles:.

So drawing towill actually draw toOpen subtitles with charset Opens subtitles but lets you choose what character set Aegisub will use to interpret the file. The above seems to be a quote from the lord of the rings, look it up later Actor 2: Note that the lines are copied as plain text and can be ,anual and pasted freely between text editors, chat programs, web browsers, other instances of Aegisub etc.


The alignment of the subtitle line is used as anchor point for the position. Starts invisible, fades to almost totally opaque, then fades to almost totally invisible.

Perform an animation where the text performs 10 full revolutions on the Z axis. Change the text aegisun the subtitle and press Enter to commit the changes and go to the next line.

ASS Tags – Aegisub Manual

Text starts at zero size, i. The actor speaking this line.

In the second version, the times t1 and t2 are given in milliseconds, ie. To change the active line shown in the edit box without changing the selection, hold down alt aegsub click on the new line.

Note that unlike in previous versions of Aegisub, changes do not need to be committed using this button. Style The style used for this line. This will result in five subtitle lines, one being commented out.

Overview – Aegisub Manual

It is rarely useful and Aegisub does not support that tag, so it is not documented. The idea of drawing vectors is that there is an invisible “cursor” think of it as the mouse pointer in a drawing program, or as a pen moving through the image on the video frame, and you tell it to move to other positions. Finally, there are three bars in the program: This can be useful for translating subtitles into another language, or just for editing kanual. A factor of 0 zero means no distortion.


You can use the formatting toolbar to insert formatting codes into the current line. The edit box is where you can edit the text and other properties of a subtitle line directly.

Usually factor will be a small number; values outside the range -2 to 2 are unlikely to have desireable results. If you need to animate a vector drawing clip, you must create multiple similar subtitle lines with each their mnual “frame” of the clipping animation.

Right The right margin. If the parameter is omitted, the default value from the line’s style is used.

Spell Checker

Aegisub doesn’t support this use and some renderers might not support it either. If the rotation origin is placed on the vanishing point in a 3D scene, 3D rotations of subtitle line will produce the correct perspective to match the scene. Only enabled if you have audio loaded. Spell checker If you right-click on a word that has been detected as misspelled, the spell checker will suggest some likely alternative. Msnual comments and override tags in the same override block is not recommended.

The new line will be timed start at 0: By default, the following columns are visible: Perform a gradual, animated transformation from one style to another.