Index. ▫Jain Agam (Canonical) Literature ƒ Definition ƒ Classification ƒ Listings of Sutras ƒ Summary of Agams by Jainsects ƒ History of Preservation ƒ Agam. The Agama scriptures have been composed by Lord Tirthankaras by way of their meanings, whereas by ‘Sutra’ they have been composed by Lord Gandharas. Phone:: +91 22 1. ĀGAMA – AN INTRODUCTION (English): This booklet provides a brief summary of each Āgama with a few key sutras highlighted.

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Monk Keshi was the Ganadhara of Lord Parshvanath. Lord Mahavir’s preaching were orally compiled into many texts scriptures by aham disciples. This agam explains Jain principles through examples and stories.

The Jain literature which was compiled by Ganadharas and Srut-kevlis is known as Agam literature. The Agam Sutras show great reverence for all forms of life and strict codes of vegetarianism, asceticism, nonviolence, and opposition to war.

Jain Agam Literature

aagm It explains the qualifications of the listening monk or nun and with what sort of feeling the confession should be made. This anuyoga consists of the following texts, which contain philosophical doctrine, theories, metaphysics, Tattvajnan, and like literature.

It also explains how they can repent for their sins and mistakes. Therefore Agam sutras were rarely documented and not widely distributed for or by ascetics.


Siddha-Hem-Shabdanushasana” by Acharya Hemachandra c.

It was written by two Acharyas; Pushpadant and Bhutabali around A. He wrote various books known as niyuktiwhich are commentaries on those scriptures. This agam describes the Sun, the planets and the associated mathematics regarding their motion. A description of the six routines Avashyakas is explained in this agam. It contains the following information: Jain history indicates that during the course of time, Swetambar ascetics held three conferences for the preservation of the Jain canonical literature, commentaries, and non-canonical literature.

Jains have contributed to India’s classical and popular literature. This agam sutrsa the system of confession for monks and nuns who fall from proper conduct. All ten princes fought with King Chetaka of Vaishali in cooperation with king Konika. The existing Agam Sutras are accepted as the authentic preaching of Lord Sktras by the Swetambar sects, but the Digambar sect does not accept them as authentic.

They did not fight with King Chetaka in the war.

In the end all ten princes went to hell after dying in war. This is the oldest agam from a linguistic point of view. Edited by Ian Whicher and David Carpenter. Most of the documention occured during 2nd and 3rd conferences.

Jain Agamas

Retrieved from ” https: This agam sturas the names, positions, and residences of Devas angels who live in heaven. Lokaprakasa of Vinayavijaya and pratimasataka of Yasovijaya were written in c.


It also provides a description of the moon, sun, planets, and stars. Jain Study Center of North Carolina. Acharya Pushapdant and Bhutabali. During this time the knowledge of the doctrine was getting lost. Ethics of Jainism Sallekhana.

After their death, they went to heaven. The scriptures, which provide further explanation of Ang-agams, are called Upang-agams.

These scriptures are said to have contained the most comprehensive and accurate description of every branch of learning that one needs to know.

Also, during the course of aga many learned acharyas elder monks compiled commentaries on the various subjects of the Agam literature. These are believed to have originated from Rishabhanathathe first tirthankara.

This agam describes the story of Monk Keshi. In the course of time, it became extremely difficult to keep memorizing the entire Jain literature Agam sutras – scriptures, Commentary literature, and Independent works compiled by the many scholars.

Both of these upangas, the Chandra Prajnapti and Surya Prajnapati, are very important in understanding the astrology of olden times. This agam has the same place in Jain literature as the Dhammapada in Buddhism and the Geeta in the Hindu religion. Agam or Canonical Literature Agam Sutras.