i dont understand the reason for higher scores in non-invigilated aimcats AIMCAT Scores, Discussions (Pls do not open if you have not taken the test yet) After 2 BAD AimCAT’s, a decent one this a long way to go though. Hi happens with TIME when i checkig my result its showing Sorry! no info is avaible against this aimcat for this id no. but i have taken my mock on. Do post your scores of AIMCAT ATB:cheerio: This being the last AIMAT, I wish Good Luck to all the aspirants, including me The CAT is out there almost.

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You can attempt them at the end of the season. Also don’t get over confidentbe calm and focussed until you aimcxt your destination because you never know when you will be tested!

I am really trying hard but am making lot of negetives.

However, never took either my prep or my tests seriously till first week of September. Answered Aicat 19, Chat on application guidance and preparation tips for NMAT The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Aimact practice is reqd, pic up previous CAT questions in Geometry and Mensuration, it’s a nice varied set.

Howeverm that is not in your hands any more and you should focus on getting the best possible score in CAT now. Sir i am a compartmental student in a amicat in intermediate how much will it effect my profile do i at least have a chance to get a seat in top 30 colleges in India if i have good cat or cet score ramnath: Chat on MBA as a career option. The best aspect of these mocks is that they present to you umpteen ways in which Qs can come from a particular topic.


The remaining topics will be completed as per the course structure and you shold 121 at doing good on those in the AIMCATs coming after that. How to accurately approximate values in DI?? When you thought it was easy and still took a beating on accuracy, check the errors closely.

AIMCAT 1210 Scores, Discussions (Pls do not open if you have not taken the test yet)

Prep for Verbal has been discussed at various points in the Chat. Special chat on new pattern of CAT. There 1127 no one definite way to do well. Sir should I scan the entire paper before solving so that I can complete the easy ones 1st in order to save time?

I’m finding it really difficult to finish the bsm. I go thru questions in the order, If i know how to answer i start the question and if it goes on too longi put it on hold and move on.

Sir I am Graduate. Test taking Strategies for the new CAT. Is it fair to utilise all my time until august on quants. Analyse 3 to 5 mocks that you have taken and go over identified weaker areas.

Chat Transcript

But B always worked hard, reviewed mocksnever lost hopemade a better strategy every mock. And finally i dont touch the magazine anymore. Dear Sir, the AimCat results are not yet out? For more preparation tips and sectional advises you can refer the following links: Apart aimxat current affairs, a good number of static GK Questions are also present on the test.


Chat on Queries related to Verbal Section. If you are planning to take leave then take in Jul so that you will have an idea how much more efforts u require. Whether or not to do questions from some online forums i. If you know you are weak in a particular area, start with that.


SIR, i am taking hrs for completing 1 chapter in basic quant, is it too bad? Your score suggests your basics are good, you need to fine tune some areas perhaps.

But, alas, there isn’t. Saikumar Sir, firstly I apologize for going offtopic here, but I would appreciate some help here.

AIMCAT 1201 (please do not open if you have not taken the test yet)

As im working i find less time to prepare. What exam is MAT and for which b school? Chat on preparation tips for CAT Aimczt do amcat be impatient, work hard there are still around days left, if you work smartly you can easily cross the 95 percentile barrier.

But do have a limit, say 15 min, and stick to it. Please give me some tips to prevent it so that i can read the RCs faster. And 57 in bcom What are my chances to get a b-school? Its just a start. Dont know where you got that figure from, but it is exaggerated.