COM . works of Imams, Scholars & Students of “al-Salaf al-Sāliḥ” (السلف الصالح). BOOKS: >, AUDIO LECTURES: >11,, VIDEOS: >40, Bismillah. Title: Simple Fiqh: Translation of Al Fiqh ul Muyassar, Author: Musarhad Musarhad, Name: Simple Fiqh: Translation of Al Fiqh ul Muyassar, Length: pages. Download Simple Fiqh Translation of Al Fiqh ul Muyassar by Musarhad .. Thus, the book “Al Fiqh-ul Muyassar” which lies in front of the readers comes up as a.

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Subhanak-allahumma wa bihamdika wa tabarak-asmuka wa ta’ala jadduka wa la ilaha ghairuk Shaykh Muhammad Al Maanai.

This is the view to be followed regarding the end-time An imam-follower should also intend his imam along with the other beings when turning in the direction of the imam for salam. I am like a father for you, so I teach you that when you go for relieving yourself, you should not face the Holy Ka’bah, nor should you turn your back towards it, nor should you cleanse you Filth with your right hand. Water becomes Used-up when it is applied and then gets separated from the body of Ablution- or Bath- performer.

Shaykh Jamal bin Fareehan al Harsee.

Performing Salah behind a Salah-row in which there is enough gap for one person Sword, knife, mirror and oiled utensils are purified by wiping off. I was immensely pleased to know that Maulana Shamsul Islam Al QasimT has rendered it into English to enable English-educated people to benefit from it directly. I ask Allah to guide me to the right and to benefit me from it on the Day of Return.

Fiqh ul Muyassar – Deluxe (Maulana Shafeeq ul Rahman Al Nadvi)

This current traditional curriculum is the latest stage in the development of the old curriculum which has remained prevalent in the Indian subcontinent since the blessing of Islamic conquest. I testify yl none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and I also testify that Muhammad is His slave and His Apostle. Shaykh Saleh As Suhaymee.


A person in a state of Ablution falls asleep muysssar his bottom 49 remains fixed on the ground. Muyaesar Dr Abdur Raheem Azzawi. A farz is an act, the evidence for binding nature of which is beyond doubt, no matter it is an essential part of the main thing or external to it. Performing Salah with Filth in small quantity with which Salah is permissible Imam Abul-Hasan al Ashari. Ablution is Desirable in the following cases: But if he sees a blind man walking towards a pit and fears that he might fall la the pit, it will be Compulsory for him to speak and guide the blind man.

De facto Filth is found on his body, garments or the place of Salah and it remains there for the period of a small Salah-essential. If a person misses Fatihah in the first two Salah-units, he should not repeat them in the last two. Shaykh Abdul Aziz Az Zahrani.

He should look at the top his feet while Bowing. The imam should say the takbi’rs Allahu akbar for every posture change audibly while the imam-followers should say inaudibly. This end-time is according myuassar Imam Abu Han’i’fah and this is the view to be followed.

Should not be devoid of a Salah prerequisite like Purity, covering of the organs to be hidden. If he talks in the midst of a Salah-start-call, he should not repeat the Salah-start-call. Reciting after Fatihah Quranic chapters out of Tiwal e Mufassal 97 chapters 49 to 85 in Fajr and Zuhr; chapters out nuyassar Ausat e Mufassal chapters 86 to 98 in Asr and Isha; and chapters out of Qisar e Mufassal chapters 99 to in Maghrib 87 Allah is the greatest.


He is attending to a sick person, taking care of his needs. One such supplication is: And in case, he was able to understand, it would arouse impulses and urges before the appropriate age, at times leading to psychological and ideological predicament wherein being safe is not commendable and getting into disaster is not ruled out.

Simple Fiqh translation Of Al-Fiqh Ul Muyassar

To You do we flee and we are quick in doing so. If none of these occur to him then he becomes adult on completing 15 years. If a dead animal is found in a well before it swells up and it is not known when the animal actually fell, then it will be ruled that the well-water has been Filthy for one mmuyassar and night, so the Salahs offered in this period will have to be repeated.

Imam Shahab ud Deen.

Shaykh Jasim Al Aeynati. Wiping is invalidated if water reaches major part of either of the two feet inside thick socks. Its time starts when the true dawn appears and remains till just before sunrise. Purification from non-visible Filth like urine is obtained when the garment is washed thrice and wringed each time in such a way that water stops dropping provided that each time new, Pure water is used.

Salah-call by a sitting person 72 When the Salah-callers stops for breath between two sentences 73 There is neither any might nor any power except with Allah. The perfect Prostration is established by placing both hands, both knees, both feet, the forehead and the nose upon the ground. All the praises are for you.