The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner has ratings and reviews. Evan said: I didn’t like him trying to accuse me of something he wasn’t su. A guide to The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner. This guide It may also be helpful to the general reader who is interested in the stories of Alan Sillitoe. “The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner,” by Alan Sillitoe, was first published in It is a first-person monologue spoken by a year-old inmate of an.

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But it’s true because I know what honest means according to me and he only knows what it means according to him: When work was difficult to find and life was hard, he did not notice it very much, and now that he was prosperous and had enough money, he also detected little difference, spending what he earned on beer, and never once thinking that he needed a new coat or a solid pair of boots.

The boy on the front row was reading like a prophet, and an agitated muttering sea began to grow about him, and the curtain of Mr. Get to Know Us. I had to marry her as soon as I got a job be- cause I’d promised her I would, and she wasn’t the sort of person to let me forget it.

If you are not a good reader, just do half an hour or so at a time. I passed the Gunthorpe runner whose shimmy was already black with sweat and I could just see the corner of the fencedup copse in front where the only man I had to pass to win the race was going all out to gain the half-way mark. Viewing the film, we do not know for sure this will happen, and as a bourgeois audience we often side with the people in charge at Borstal, who we think may not be quite as bad as Smith believes, and we see the runners from the public school as not a bad lot, and we want Smith to overcome his circumstances a very bourgeois attitude indeed.

Alan Sillitoe was an English writer, one of the “Angry Young Men” of the s although he, in common with most of the other writers to whom the label was applied, had never welcomed it.

Had anybody really captured the essence lf mindset of working class British life before Alan Silitoe? Don’t get me wrong, the writing is amazing, is really gritty and feels very real and each story captures you and pulls you along. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article.

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner

Still, many of the characters have a sense of honor and dignity — only it’s lonelinexs the honor of the upper classes of England, or as one of them calls the nation, “the poxetten land of hope and glory”. Yet we cannot help feeling that once Mr and Mrs Lennox may have been as much in love as their neighbours, and cannot help lonelinss what the future might hold for young Fred and Ruby.


For several hours, the long-distance runner becomes a sober and th flaneur carousing through city streets, absorbing floods of impressions and assembling the images and thoughts that will animate her post-run account. You might as well look for somebody else, because you’re wasting the rates you get out of my rent and the income-tax that comes out of my pay-packet standing there like that”— which was a laugh because she’d never paid either to my knowledge, and never would, I hoped.

Tea swilled from a huge brown spout—into a cup that had a crack emerging like a hair above the layer of milk—and a spoon clinked after it into the steam. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. You should think about nobody and go your own way, not on sillito course marked out for you by people xillitoe mugs of water and bottles of iodine in case you fall and cut teh so that they can pick you up—even if you want to stay where you are—and get you moving again. Return to Book Page.

It’s easily one of the best collections of short stories I’ve ever read. It takes the form of a first-person monologue by Smith we never learn his first namea teenager from a working-class Nottingham home who is sent to Borstal after being convicted of robbing a bakery.

They might as well stand me up against a wall and let fly with a dozen rifles. Mam had gone to work that day so I shout- ed for him to hold on a bit, and then went down to see who it was.

That’s one of the nine stories of working class life in the ‘s in northern England, much of which is based on Alan Sillitoe’s boyhood in Nottingham, England. What I got was all of the literary genius and none of the bore! Bullivant stood still, and Mr. At the end of the day, a criminal is a criminal, so it’s difficult to be fully in Smith’s corner, he wasn’t mentally ill, thus it’s a life of his own choosing.

Blue Ribbon Prize Cup For Long Distance Cross Country Running All Englandwhich I was, and it set me laughing to myself in- side, and I didn’t say a word to any potbellied pop-eyed bastard that might give them real hope, though I knew the governor anyway took my quietness to mean he’d got that cup already stuck on the bookshelf in his office among the few other mildewed trophies.

Sillitoe makes this symbolism or metaphor more vivid in that Smith is also literally running a race, against other borstal inmates.

With the door bolted and curtains drawn we talked sil,itoe the dough we’d crammed up the drainpipe. They were all pretty good reads.

Sillitoe’s character Smith uses running as a way to mentally reflect, allowing Smith to give clarity to his political insights and share them with the reader. This collection of short stories, at it’s best, captures the atmosphere of English working class life in the ‘s, 60’s and 70’s; the inherent distrust of, and resentment towards authority and class privilege, the sense of quiet desperation, the simmering frustration of living within limited horizons, with limited aspirations and the directness, honesty and lack of pretense that a resignation to these ‘facts of Life’ cultivates.


Rod Blagojevich referred to the story: I won’t pull out with on- ly six months left, and besides there’s nothing I want long-diatance dodge and run away from; I only want a bit of my own back on the In-laws and Potbellies by letting them sit up there on their big posh seats and watch me lose this race, though as sure as God made me I know that when I do lose I’ll get the dirtiest crap and kitchen jobs in the months to go before my time is up.

Retrieved from ” https: We’ll teach you to steal money that doesn’t belong to you. When it got dark me and Mike were in our parlour with a low light on and the telly off, Mike ling-distance it easy in the rocking chair and me slouched out on the settee, both of us puff- ing a packet of Woods. Don’t I come out three mornings a week on my long-distance running, which is fifty times better than boozing.

I’ll never forget it, straight I won’t, because I was the silpitoe that found him and I often wished Sillioe hadn’t. Every day, straight out of school, Alma and Joan ran to catch a bus for the town centre and, a,an few minutes later, smiling and out long-distanxe breath, walked into the cafe where Ernest was waiting.

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner – running blog book club | Life and style | The Guardian

For some tasks, you may want to have notes as many real lneliness do in situations where they need to recall a structurecue cards or even an autocue. In fact, he completely rejects the Marxist tradition by emphasizing his long-eistance though the characters in this book are all strongly, proudly, and defiantly English working class, they reject a too-strong group identity, and even perhaps have a certain spirit Here are real stories of ‘class conflict’.

Sillitoe also does it by the symbolism of a race: I counted six hundred and twenty -eight pounds and am still living off it because I did the job all on my own, and after it I had the peace to write all this, and it’ll be money enough to keep me going until I finish my plans silliyoe doing an even bigger snatch, something up my sleeve I wouldn’t tell to a living soul.

For more see http: As he says, “It’s a good life, I’m saying to myself, if tbe don’t give in to coppers and Borstal-bosses and the rest of them bastard faced in-laws. This book serves as a great antidote to the sort of elitist upper class short story collections that totally dominate publishing today.