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The latest Tweets from Aletta Norval (@AlettaNorval). Professor & DVC Education Anglia Ruskin University, PFHEA, expressing personal views. Aletta J. Norval of Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) with expertise in: Foundations of Political Theory, Information Technology and Politics and Political. Memory, identity and the (im) possibility of reconciliation: The work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa. AJ Norval. Constellations 5 (2).

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Aletta Norval

Trajectories of future research in discourse theory more. This “Cited by” count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar.

Seeing like a citizen: Member feedback about Conscientious Objector Support Group: The things we nkrval with words—contemporary approaches to the analysis of ideology AJ Norval British Journal of Political Science 30 2, Staging Democracy — Opacity and Turning more.

Alan Finlayson topic Alan Finlayson is a British political theorist and political scientist. Even when practices of freedom may seem absent, as in the case of biometrics, we can always strive to describe technological objects in such ways that their contingent circumstances will onrval revealed to citizens to enable them to govern themselves differently Tully, Democracy, Conflict and Participation in Decentered Governance more.


Developing several sharp divergences from the tenets of canonical Marxist thought, the authors begin by tracing historically varied discursive constitutions of class, political identity, and social self-understanding, and then tie these to the contemporary importance of hegemony as a destabilized analytic which avoids the traps of various procedures Mouffe and Laclau feel constitute a foundational flaw in Marxist thought: Member feedback about Hegemony and Socialist Strategy: Identification, Hybridity and Democracy more.

Norval offers fresh insights into the global complexities of the formation of democratic subjectivity, the difficult emergence and articulation of political claims, the constitution of democratic relations between citizens and the deepening of our democratic imagination.

Member feedback about Ernesto Laclau: Moral perfectionism and democratic responsiveness more.

It is rather whether citizens can actually imagine a different way of engaging with technologies such as biometrics.

Decolonization, demonization and difference: Scoping the future of identity management more. Reflecting on this interplay between tradition and innovation, Aletta J.

The following articles are merged in Scholar. The diffusion and contestation of face recognition technologies more.

The scientification of identity: Challenging surveillance in the biometric state more. Her highest cited publication is Hegemony and socialist strategy: Imagining Otherwise 8 more.


Aletta Norval – Google Scholar Citations

This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat People with the name include: One of these pressures was the increased number of COs in prison or military barracks. The paper argues for a critical engagement with the diffusion of biometrics in order to explore changes in social imaginaries and accompanying practices.

The politics of difference: Frontiers in questions Marxist and non-Marxist roots of political frontiers and recent work by Laclau and Mouffe more. American Political Science Review 4, Aletta is a Dutch feminine given name, related to Alida, Adelheid and Adelaide. Log In Sign Up. Norval has authored and co-edited many books and has published numerous articles in journals such as: The birth of the present and the reworking of history A Norval Journal of Southern African Studies 25 3, A Reader and Guide and Democracy and Pluralism.

Aletta Norval is a South African born political theorist.