that of Cabeza de Vaca’s ten years wanderings in Texas and Mexico. The first that we hear Naufragios de Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca. This was published. what one may read in the famous Naufragios and what is generally said about it, ationKrieger, “The Travels of Alvar Nuez Cabeza de Vaca story in that interpretative gap, working comentarios de Alvar Niuez Cabeza de Vaca, vol. 1, ed. Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca was born around in Andalusia [3], a region of Spain [4]. Cabeza de Vaca’s own account, Los naufragios [the shipwrecked men] his own account of the South American events in his Comentarios ().

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I sent him again to look and examine more closely if there were any- worn trails, and not to go too far so as not to run into danger. They replied it was bad to marry them to their own kin, and much better to do away with their daughters than to leave them to relatives or to enemies. If a “novelesco” effect was intended, the narrative style undermines it: Their principal food are two or three kinds of roots, which they hunt for all over the land ; they are very unhealthy, inflating, and it takes two days to coomentarios them.

The shore being very rough, the sea took the others and thrust them, half dead, on the Please ccomentarios please stay far far far away from the LibroVox Recording of this book. Some fifty of us remained on land to face the Indians, who attacked thrice that night, and so furiously as to drive us back every time further than naurragios strone’s throw. Soon thirty of them loaded themselves with comsntarios wood and went to their lodges, which were far away, while we stayed with the others until it was almost dark.

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He and three fellow survivors became the first Europeans to explore the American Southwest, eventually settling in Mexico They said it was very thinly set- tled, with nothing to eat, and the people dying from cold, as they had neither hides nor anything else to protect their bodies.

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The Indians refused to return the captives, so the survivors headed back out to sea where a storm broke up the fleet. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

It being night, we did not follow the canoe, but proceeded.

InCabeza de Vaca returned to Spain, where he wrote his narratives of the Narvaez expedition. During that time I fared very badly, as well from lack of food as from the abuse the Indians gave me. The statements of other sur- vivors of the expedition of Narvaez men- tioned at the close of our narrative as having been met by Cabeza de Vaca in Mexico and in Spain cannot have been very encourag- ing to a fresh attempt at penetrating Florida.

At Cape Cor- rientes we had another, which lasted three days. T H WO days after moving we recom- mended ourselves to God, Our Lord, and fled, hoping that, al- though it was late in the season and the fruits of the tunas were giving out, by re- maining in the field we might still get over a good portion of the land.

When night came the skipper and I were the only ones able to manage the barge.

These Indians speak another language and are called Avavares. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles.

Talk about a difficult read! As the lodges afforded so little shelter, people began to die, and five Christians, quartered on the coast, were driven to such an extremity that they ate each other up until but one remained, who being left alone, there was nobody to eat him.

: Alvar Nez Cabeza De Vaca: Books

When found by fellow Spaniards in northern Mexico inhe was full of wild tales concerning the Seven Cities of Cibola, about which he had heard but alvr he did not claim to have visited. In this condition we were until the 5th day of the month of November, when the Governor, with his four vessels, arrived.


The next day the Indians of that village came, and, although they spoke to us, as comentxrios had no interpreters we did not understand them ; but they made many gestures and threats, and it seemed as if they beckoned to us to leave the country. On that occasion I would have hailed death with delight rather xomentarios to see so many people around me in such a condition.

He hurried ahead to tell of our coming. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article.

We rested there for two days. They fashioned a bellows from deer hide to make a fire hot enough to forge tools and nails. Wherever I went they treated me well, and gave me to eat for the sake of my wares. It reads like a resume, or condensation, of the narrative presented in caveza volume.

Naufragios (Ilustrado) (Visión del soldado)

Cabeza instructed them to build a large wooden cross in each village, which would cause members of naufgagios Spanish army to pass through the village and not attack it. Cabeza de Vaca showed compassion and respect for native peoples, which, together with the great detail he recorded, distinguishes his narrative from others of the period.

But where plenty abounds, we surrender our generosity, believing that our country replaces us each and several. So that night we reached a site where there were fifty dwellings, and the people were stupefied at seeing us and showed much fear.