Introduction to Amphibious Embarkation (MCI ). Correspondence Procedures (MCI K). Marine Corps Publications and Directives System (MCI B). MCI Catalog MARINE CORPS PUBLICATIONS AND DIRECTIVES SYSTEM AMPHIBIOUS EMBARKATION THE LOGISTICS/EMBARKATION SPECIALIST. MCIWESTO W CEll. (1) (55) MCIWEST-MCB CAMPENO i. Vehicle preparation for amphibious embarkation includes inspection to.

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To enhance professional development of personnel, the unit embarkation officer must ensure the unit s embarkation specialists have enrolled in or completed the following Marine Corps Institute MCI correspondence courses: There must also be a clear understanding of the mutual obligations, capabilities, and problems of each component.

This is a work in. The movement anphibious is organized to accomplish one thing — movement to the OA.

Full text of “Introduction to amphibious operations”

Marines participates in the buddy drag portion of the maneuver under fire during a combat fitness test for the commanding general’s inspection program at Page Field House on Marine Corps Embarkaiton Camp Pendleton, Calif. Training before embarkation must ensure adequate preparation of those elements which will not take part in the rehearsal.

Turnover Folders and Desktop Procedures Personnel rotations and reassignments can have a negative impact on unit readiness and day-to-day embark operations.

The two type commands primarily concerned are the naval surface forces and FMFs, although other type commands normally provide supporting forces for the operation.


Unit Embarkation Handbook – PDF

Detailed organizational planning combined with training should result in a suitable washdown crew schedule with adequate NCO supervision at each washdown point. Naval gunfire should be delivered to cover the movement of the amphjbious units from ship-to-shore. The impact of personnel turnover is lessened by the proper use of turnover folders and desktop procedures.

The time period set in planning schedules is sufficient to permit timely completion of assigned tasks as well 60 as coordination with other interested staff sections and headquarters. Class II General Supply Clothing, tentage, tool sets, amhpibious equipment, and all textile or leather items. Provides appropriate instruction in operational security and signal security with respect to release of classified information via non-secure means.

I b Collection Planning. During this phase, the necessary coordinated planning ampihbious effected. Identify potential contamination problems from previous operations concerning backloading equipment, supplies, and vehicles. When placement locations coincide with black paint camouflage schemethe marking will be painted earth brown or green.

Ensure the unit provides all approach, rolling, parking, sleeper shoring, dunnage, chocking, and blocking and bracing material aamphibious safe containerization, and the loading and transport of vehicles, supplies, and equipment.

Inspection results are typically maintained for two years. Slings and Cargo Net Devices used to lift heavy objects include slings for vehicles, chime hooks, pallets, bridles, and cargo nets.

Water cans require only the UIC marking since the word water is already imprinted on the sides. Identify the purpose of the CLFs planning schedule. The advantage of this relationship lies in removing intermediate levels of command from other than information considerations, thus allowing direct contact and enhancing timeliness.


Portable Toilets Marines must have appropriate sanitary facilities to support operations 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Emergency Embarkationn Specialists f.

Vehicle Loading Area The vehicle loading area should be large enough to accommodate buses and tractor trailers. Exercise Ssang Yong is a biennial military exercise focused on strengthening the amphibious landing capabilities of the Republic of Korea, the U.

The embwrkation interpretation section identifies targets and provides target and terrain studies and other products as required.

3111 MCO D. 2. MOS 0411, Maintenance Management Specialist (MGySgt to Pvt) PMOS

Troop and baggage transportation from the marshalling area to the staging area will be requested by the moving unit. The Marine must satisfy the following prerequisites prior to effecting reenlistment: Communications Support Communications support should be coordinated with the embarking unit s S Topside access areas Floor boards.

Detailed information on personnel augmentation requirements is included in the SLCP. Embagkation item requiring palletizing that exceeds a length of 20 feet.