The only other necessary comment is that the Oak publication Jesse McReynolds – Mandolin, by Andy Statman is unfortunately out of print, and has been for. His Bill Monroe and Jesse McReynolds influences are especially clear on Andy’s Ramble, a release wi. Available with an Apple Music subscription. Buy a cheap copy of Bluegrass Masters: Jesse McReynolds book by Andy Statman. Free shipping over $

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I said, ‘Well, I feel like if I wanted a collector’s item I’d be afraid to carry it anywhere!

I try to practise every day, whether it’s on the mandolin or the guitar. You have quite a low action, don’t you?

Andy Statman

Byron Berline plays the same way. One of the things I admired on your recording of that tune on Mandolin Workshop was the second part, where you do the tremolo, and you’ve got those parts moving against each other. It was rough, we weren’t making any money, but we were enjoying the music we were doing.

Mandolinby Andy Statman. This includes links to other sites where these materials can be obtained. On this most English of days, I felt paradoxically cosmopolitan, hearing about American music from one of its foremost exponents, and with other musicians like Allen Shelton and members of the Stoneman Family also ready to spare the time for a chat.

He makes a good mandolin, it’s not as bright as the Sliver. I think you’re more likely to play badly through lack of practice. No, they’re double stops. Jesse McReynolds book by Andy Statman A reminder that seeking or dealing electronic bootleg copies of this book and any other book, even though out of print, is likely illegal.


Not only are the tablatures of Jesse’s playing unavailable, but also the excellent interview with Statman, referred to below. Could you tell us how that book came about, please? He holds the bow the way you’re not supposed to do that technically. It’s an idea which derives from crosspicking, where the upstrokes are strong. Just as Reno wanted to play differently from Scruggs, McReynolds clearly regards it as a matter of pride that he approached the mandolin differently from Monroe.

Another thing I’ve always admired tremendously is your regular-style playing – breaks like the one you took on Foggy Mountain Breakdown on Carl Jackson’s first record now re-released as Sugar Hilland the mandolin break for I Don’t Love Nobody on Allen Shelton’s disc, Shelton Specialwhich has a gorgeous melodic run from C through G, E7 to A. Crosspicking is just one of the techniques he has developed to make the instrument sound the way he wants it to. Originally Posted by mjbwv.

Jesse McReynolds Mandolin : Bluegrass Masters by Andy Statman (Paperback)

Much of Jesse’s playing is so individual and technically so demanding that he has no real rivals among his imitators; he is truly the only one of his kind. On page 18 there’s my Stiver, with the blond top, and there’s also a Gibson, a converted F-4 F-4 with top replaced by one with f-holes.

There was some communication at the time with Music Sales about possibly reprinting it, but to my knowledge nothing ever came of it. I can lay off for a week, and I get very inaccurate with my right hand. I would like to be able to play it more, because I love the fiddle, and I always have. But I play with a stiff wrist, that’s the difference. Mccreynolds do the same type of reverse rolls as on the mandolin. We also had an accordion and bass. It is noteworthy that Jesse hit upon the technique of playing “melodically”, using scales across the strings a decade or more before Bill Keith, Bobby Thompson and others got around to it on the banjo.


Did you find it exciting? We don’t sing like Bill, and I’ve never looked on myself as a bluegrass singer. The others, it was a Lloyd Loar F-5 which this boy wanted me to try out. That was before ‘Jim and Jesse’ was ever used! I’ve learned how to put a lot more notes in, using basic crosspicking technique. Jesse has been interviewed many times see below for some useful sourcesand we tried to avoid areas that are already well documented e.

He builds a lot of five-string banjos as well, he’s a good builder, part time. What mandolin are you playing at mcreynoldds moment?

Jesse McReynolds book by Andy Statman

As with some other instrumental innovators Bobby Osborne is an immediate examplehis playing has been partly subservient to the purpose of providing an all-round show with the band; and of course Jesse is as much a singer as an instrumentalist. No bluegrass collection should be without its Jim and Jesse section, and I’ve attempted below to give some guidance.

I enjoyed doing the album with Allen Shelton. It’s not exposed on the radio, so they’ve got to come out to the bluegrass festivals. Then he was interested in a full-time job with us again.