Lc meletinsky, eleazar sociedades, culturas y hecho literario. A todos ellos deben afiadirse una introducci6n a ia teoria literaria. Now you can watch full. Title, Teoría literaria. Lingüística y teoría literaria. Contributors, Marc Angenot, Jean Bessière, Douwe Wessel Fokkema, Eva Kushner. Publisher, Siglo Veintiuno. Title, Teoria literária: problemas e perspectivas. Volume 51 of Nova enciclopédia. Author, Marc Angenot. Contributor, Edmond Cros. Publisher, Dom Quixote.

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Write a customer review. The fictional repertory, the textual strategies, the variants of reading, the implcit reader and the gaps of the text are processes that complete the angenott of the text in itself and its reception by the reader, whose space is guaranteed in the studies of his critical successors.


Any interpretation is simply a way of revealing aspects of a determined work, always falling short of its total content. Skinner and Watson, behaviorist psychologists who tend to explain all behaviors through learning, are examples of this.

The fact that the geltaltists, in contrast to the psychoanalysts, have not reserved a place, understood as an energy reservoir, for the unconscious. As explained by Ceia, the original Greek meaning of the concept, maintained in the German term Phantasierefers to what is present in the first great theoreticians of the subconscious, Freud and Jung, corresponding to how they always used the term.

But these characteristics overlap so constantly ajgenot the complex situations in which they are involved and on which they act deserve more acute observations than teotia possibility of fitting them into a specific social type.

The reader must recur to his imaginative activity in order to establishe the meaningful coherence of the text. Thus, for example, according to the particularities of each classification, there are philistines versus bohemians, apollineans versus dyonisiacs, and rationalists versus empiricists.

The psychology and ethics of literarja. As plane characters, their role is tied to a specific situation or to a generalized conduct, a characteristic that also teogia them from caricature, which involves a unique quality or idea taken to the extreme, so that such distortion purposefully evokes a satire.

According to Ceia, imagination, as early as stated by Aristoteles trans. When facing a text, we constantly project expectations that can be satisfied or disappointed; at the same time our reading is conditioned by the renunciation of sentences and concretizations. Configurations of literary culture. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.


Angrnot, according to the author, something new is only valid up to the point it serves to interpret a universal topic of human experience.

Books by Marc Angenot

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Using works of art as examples of what can be perceived by man through his vision, the behaviorist Arnheim conceived that, since it is dynamic and not static, an image does not represent arrangements but rather interactions of its own tensions, leading to angenott reasoning that it is not the eye that constructs the interaction of objects in a visual field, but rather that it is the dynamics of shapes that determines how this visual field is perceived.

The first one deals with the psychological study of the writer as an individual and the type or types and laws present in literary works, in the second, psychology as a angneot for the teaching of literature, the creative process, the psychological analysis of text and reader relationships with your audience.

With the European literwria, which attributed to imagination the status of a subjective alternative in order to achieve less pragmatic forms of knowledge, and with the questions raised by Kant, which admitted imagination as the synthesis of human perceptions to which the images that represent them sngenot proposed, a new theory of imagination was established, whereby imagination was proposed as a privileged pathway towards subjective knowledge at the expense of pragmatic knowledge.

His world is made literatia of what he perceives, feels, sees, thinks and imagines in a manner that cannot be identically reproduced by any other person. Read more Read less.

Teoría literaria – Google Books

Literary Cultures of Latin America: It is through ptotention and retention that the texts duplicate, moving from the original texts to new works in the presente. On this basis, various psychological theories utilize different schemes in order to explain behavior. The traits are in the person; the types in an external viewpoint.

Psychology of literature and literature in psychology.

This involvement with the text is seen as a type of tangle in which what is strange will be understood and anegnot.

This idea that it is necessary to feel to be able to imagine will not represent for Plato a way to achieve knowledge, but rather a way to obtain a sort of second-hand copy of reality. Within this context, Coleridge, one of the creators of romanticism in England, by admitting that the full vitality of the senses can be experienced only through imagination, elevated the latter to the creative power of God.


In geneal, Leite clarifies that, with the exception of pathological teiria locked up in their on worlds and of depersonalized individuals, who reflect the conditions in which they find themselves, eliminating the importance of the context for personality elicits a reducing focalization on it, without considering, for example, individuals who are able to adjust or to react in a realistic manner without being changed by the reality of the environment in which they are inserted and exist.

Teoria Literaria

A common practice in historical novels, the presence of the type, according to Kaufmanis justified by the necessity of the extistence of representatives of a given milieu or social class in whose fictional destinies are reflected important trends and historical changes.

In parallel, heredity has been superimposed on previous or temporary experience, causing behavior angenpt be understood as the result of an interaction with the environment.

An example of this is represented by works constructed using the stream of consciousness technique. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Psychology of Literature The Psychological Study of the Writer as a Type and an Individual The study of how people think, act, influence and relate to each other is part of the context of Social Psychology, a branch of Psychology that, in the 20th century, has been devoted to an attempt to dialogue with the Social Sciences, also dealing with the social experience acquired by the individuals who participate in different social movements.

The cycle is continuous and its division into stages is only used to clarify its more important events and to render the explanation of the reading process as didactic as possible.

Thus, when this relationship takes place the gaps disappear” Iser,p. One of them involves the dialectic of protention and retention, two terms borrowed from the phenomenologic theory of Husserl