Aniara: An Epic Science Fiction Poem [Harry Martinson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is the paperback edition translated from the. The great Swedish writer Harry Martinson published his masterpiece, Aniara, during the height of the Cold War – right after the Soviet Union. When Swedish poet and writer Harry Martinson was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature in “for writings that catch the dewdrop and reflect the cosmos”.

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Aniara is not just a novel-in-verse, it is a work of science fiction, complete with its own futuristic terminology. Such journeys have often been the subjects of poetry, and Martinson’s leap into anoara endlessness of the universe is, ultimately, no more radical of fantastical than, say, poetic journeys to heaven or hell.

In English

And now that the passengers are left alone to fend for themselves, they soon revert to baser instincts. This year, it has been 40 years since the Swedish Author Harry Martinson died.

The mental stress is great on the humans as well: Pero con Aniara me ocurre que no puedo decirlo claramente. Furthermore, he created two works that fairly rapidly liberated themselves from their author, indeed from between the covers of the books in which he had written them.

Aniara – Wikipedia

And do not see. He was, on the other hand, one hell of a poet. Iba dispuesto a que me gustara. On February 11,he took his own life by cutting up his belly with a pair of scissors, a ritual suicide just like harakiri. Only four years earlier he had received the Nobel Prize for literature.


Still they try do the same things as before.

People are evacuated to Venus and Mars. Kommentera Avbryt svar E-postadressen publiceras inte. If a poet as fine and thoughtful as Harry Martinson deserves to be read, and re-read. To view it, click here. It’s an odd, Nobel Prize Project Year: No trivia or quizzes yet.

His lyric poetry is love d by the Swedish people. Here Martinson chooses as his topic how mankind comes to terms with hopeless, pointlessness, and the inevitability of death. But many were aniaa changes in the life we led in the world that had become our own. We trade coins of diverse denominations: In anguish sent by us in Aniara our call-sigh faded till it failed: It is very familiar to every educated Swede, and to non-Swedes it is out of reach due to the language barrier.

In form, the poems are metrical and mostly rhymedusing both traditional and individual forms, marrtinson alluding to a wide range of Swedish and Nordic poetry, such as the Finnish Kalevala. View all 4 comments.

In English – Harry Martinson-sällskapet

He sank into a deep depression and finally committed suicide in Aniara was Martinson’s great work, and a part of the reason for his Nobel prize for literature. This article appears to contain trivial, minor, or unrelated references to popular culture.

It was also an influence for Poul Anderson ‘s hard science fiction novel Tau Zero. El autor se esfuerza sobremanera por resultar incomprensible. Even though it is hard to understand and paradoxal and slightly odd at times, I really got a feeling for it.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I love these old science-fiction classics.

Aniara: An Epic Science Fiction Poem

Both were members of Svenska Akademien at the time, and they had to endure harsh criticism for receiving the prize from their own colleagues. Best of all, these virtues exist to actually explore ideas worth exploring and to say something worth saying, which you would expect to be commonplace in science fiction but which, sadly, is not.

English online version here the songs start on p It is very peculiar and haunting, with sharp critique against weapons of mass destruction, and the environmental changes humans are inflicting on the earth.

I highly recommend this if you enjoy beautiful and tragic writing about societal issues and human psyche. A spaceship hurtles towards a distant constellation, going faster than anything in human history but essentially standing still from a relative point of view.

The artificial intelligence is an interesting addition — and its fate an interesting take — while the humans behave in generally predictable ways.

We listen daily to the sonic coins provided every one of us and played through the Finger-singer worn on the left hand. Dec 26, John rated it liked it. The song “On aika soittaa sinfonia” “It’s time to play a symphony” harrg the Finnish rock musician Tuomari Nurmio ‘s critically acclaimed album Punainen Planeetta “The Red Planet” is inspired by the poem.