Official Website of Bestselling Author Ankit Fadia, author of the books FASTER Ways To Improve Your Digital Life, SOCIAL 50 Ways To Improve Your. Ankit Fadia Resume – 1 – – Attrition DECIMAL EXPANSION OF 1/P AND SUBGROUP SUMS Ankit. Guide – Veteran Resume Veteran Resume Samples (1). Ankit Fadia Hacking Tricks PDF Free Download. See More Links that might interest you. Ankit Fadia Resume · Ankit Fadia Biography.

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He should know basics of computing after BS from Stanford. Assisi; you have done a marvellous job in revealing this charlatan! You can buy our tablet version from Magzter.

India’s New Centre-State Equation. The session was made more comprehensive by various demonstrations, which was enjoyed by the students.

Independent security experts contested his claim, stating that the problem was a loophole in his own website’s code, His website hacked by an Indian hacker Himanshu Resmue, where he accepted the challenge from Ankit Fadia. Your article rather too late to be an eye-opener.

Great stuff and I have throughly enjoyed your style in this piece. Views Read Edit View history. I had read his book in college, didn’t make any sense. But after an email interview and five hours of talking the other day, all I have to say is mea culpa.


Official Website of Ankit Fadia.

Krishnamoorthy 27 February Thank you for this post. Wow, so is it so easy to write Blogs on Forbes? It means that you can only be successful as a cheat if you have the brains to pull it off. When you talk about CEOs, please remember that people assume that what they read in papers is credible and double checked.

I had bought a copy of his book in the year and to my surprise every single word of his book had been copied from then popular websites like astalavista, cult of the dead cow, global kOS, RedHack, etc. He was interactive with the audience and everyone used to say only one thing after the workshop ended “WOW…” Sigma Institute of Technology and Engineering trust Soumil Joshi.

Ankit Fadia Hacking Seminar 03 13 Resume

But I’ve heard him mentioned often in media. Our Young audience was fascinated and motivated to achieve something of same level in their lives.

I really like the satirical way in which the article makes its point. To become an expert in any knowledge area, requires decades of practise. Ethical HackingHacking Books. Media guys are fafia uneducated fools I am atleast happy that i am not a lamer or script kiddy like ankit fadia: The Accidental Caviar King.


I need to appreciate him on how he sells himself to the consumers P On a serious note, I assume the editor of Forbes India is smart enough to know that he is nothing more than a script kiddie!

Ankit Fadia Revealed | Forbes India

The workshop nakit very useful and covered all the topics as per the given plan. I suggest to such electronic media to do meaningful research about people to whom they ought to call as an expert. I asked him one simple question about triggering a man-in-the-middle attack for users behind NAT, he was clueless of how to initiate NAT hacks.

Hats off to this guy for pulling this off. The contents are correct. Looking forward for Ethical Hacking 2. Back when Ankit Fadia wrote his first book, I was what they called a script kiddie. The article was well written because of the amount of aniit that the author has put in to call Ankit Fadia a bluff.