Drawing up an antenuptial contract isn’t about greed; it’s about ANC, you will be married out of community of property with accrual, unless the. This matrimonial property regime involves an antenuptial contract (i.e. an agreement entered into before the marriage) where community of property and profit. Marriage Out Community of Property with the Inclusion of the Accrual . Onine Trusts ​Online Antenuptial Contracts · Online Wills ​Online Legal Services.

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Declaration of Assets in Antenuptial Contract The net value of the possessions of each party is declared at the beginning of the marriage in their Antenuptial Contract. Benefits of an Antenuptial Contract. The same can be said if the surviving spouse has a greater accrual, in which case the estate of the deceased spouse would have a claim against the surviving spouse. Each spouse retains his or her own assets and liabilities whether acquired before or during marriage.

The accrual sith is a form of sharing of the assets that are built up during the marriage.

Antenuptial Contracts with Accrual

However, only at the dissolution of the marriage can an accrual claim be made. Where one party stays at home to raise children and does not contribute financially towards the marriage and the other spouse works and accumulates assets, the former may find herself with nothing and no claim to the assets of the latter.

The respective spouses will not be held liable for any debt that the other spouse might have incurred prior to the marriage; Spouses will not be held liable for any debt that the other spouse may incur during the marriage; Assets that, for sentimental or financial reasons, the spouses do not want to form part of a joint estate can remain separate; Spouses will not need to obtain each others consent when dealing with their own property.

Upon entering into the agreement, the parties agree to exclude the system of Community of Property from their marriage.


The monetary value of the smaller estate is subtracted from the monetary value of the larger estate, the difference is split, and the party having the larger estate pays half of the difference between the two estates to the party with the smaller estate.

US citizens getting married in South Africa – What you need to know When marrying a foreigner in South Africa, there are various legal requirements which must be met in order for the marriage to take place.


The underlying philosophy in respect of the accrual system is that each party is entitled to take out the asset value that he or she brought into the marriage, and then they share what they have built up together.

However there are certain crucial factors of an accrual marriage which add complexity and much more freedom of antenuuptial. This give a Subtotal of R 80, Contracts Concerning Love – Cohabitation agreements Living together unmarried has definite implications that ensure you need to plan your financial partnership very carefully. The estates of both spouse will have thus increased by the same value since the start of the marriage.

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Marriage out of community of property with accrual

Book a Free Consultation. At dissolution of the marriage, the estate of each party is calculated by listing all assets, listing all liabilities, subtracting xntenuptial from assets and arriving at a net asset value. His clients include celebrities, actors and actresses, sportsmen and sportswomen, television presenters and various high net worth individuals as well as ordinary people. Get your Antenuptial Contract Here Everything you wanted to know about Antenuptial Contracts and an easy form to complete.

If dissolved as a result of death, then the accrual claim has to be paid before a will or intestate succession can come into effect.

How is accrual calculated? The estate of each party is determinable separately.

The net worth of these assets may also be declared in a written statement before the marriage or within six months of it taking place. If the marriage occurred after 1 Novemberthe contract had to specifically exclude the system of accrual. Thus neither spouse will be affected by the debts or liabilities of the other.



There is no provision for any sharing whatsoever. In the absence of this exclusion the rules of accrual will automatically apply. To exclude either a specific asset, or a commencement value, or both which must be separate and not derived from the same assetcan effectively ensure that couples share only what they choose to share and keep separate any item or items, or values, which they do not believe it fair to share for example something acquired before the relationship commenced.

Bertus Preller is based in Cape Town and has more than 20 atenuptial experience in most sectors of the law. In order to do this, the net value at the commencement of the marriage as specified in the Antenuptial Contract is subtracted from the net value at dissolution. The Antenuptial must be registered in the Deeds Registry within 3 months of the date of the marriage.

He is also the Family Law expert on Health There are two forms of Antenuptial contracts, those including Accrual and those excluding Accrual. This is not counted as part of either giver or receivers estate, and the giver is not allowed to try and recover the donated part nor does the receiver have the right to return any part of it. And the appears declared that whereas a marriage has been agreed upon, and is intended to be solemnised between them, they have agreed and now contract with each other as follows:.

The sharing of these conrtact only takes place once the marriage ends. Accrual relates wwith the extent of increase of the joint wealth between spouses throughout the conntract. Certain additions and ammendments may be required to suit your specific needs.