Poking around in AppleScript shows that the new document’s path is After editing the file the first time I try to save the file I get the above error. tell application “TextEdit” activate make new document set theDate to current date set text of document 1 to theDate as text save document 1 in. TextEdit was running, but it was hidden (therefore all windows are hidden). This just means you hid TextEdit from view. Running your script.

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texedit When I remove the activate line from the code: Right-clicking on the TextEdit icon in the Dock and selecting “Show All Windows” doesn’t bring the invisible windows forward either. Optionally create a folder named “Notes” — mine is inside my Documents folder.

I notice no difference with your first solution; the hidden TextEdit windows still become visible. It was just that you said, “TextEdit was running, but it was hidden therefore all windows are hidden. Whether the window is currently visible. This would be obvious – so no more discussion needed. In any case, it it is often an obstacle to understanding things.

Will this script save all the TextEdit files created under the Artist – Track Title format that appears in the title bar texteditt the window? May 29, 6: I had the whole thing in a try statement after which I had. Hints 1 new Hints in the last 24 hours Comments last 2 days No new comments Links last 2 weeks No recent new links.


Can someone help me.

AppleScript, new doc in TextEdit, serious… – Apple Community

Regarding your first comment, how do I make these invisible windows unhidden then without using AppleScript to do so? Or are you wanting to actually change the way applications behave in macOS e.

Be careful using this version because I set it to quit without saving any open documents if TextEdit was already running. Ask Different works best with JavaScript enabled.

Simple Applescript: Create a .txt file

AppleScript, new doc in TextEdit, serious error with permissions on doc I apologize for the length of this question. My original post contained an error. The problem arose when I added the name property where the script creates the document, as opposed to leaving it untitled. Sign up using Email and Password. May 27, 4: Do you want your script to run and then hide all the other TextEdit windows, or do you want it to mnimise all the other TextEdit windows instead?

Please bear with me, but, if your script opens the file you want in TextEdit and activates it so that it’s brought to the foreground, doesn’t that by default mean all the other TextEdit windows are in the background? Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too.


I am aware aapplescript the applescript-users mailing list, and I’ll textesit post a much briefer version of this, but I think there’s more here than just a direct AppleScript question.

I want the other windows to be hidden. Click here for complete coverage of Lion on Macworld. And when I am creating a text file tomorrow it should automatically save the file into tomorrows folder. This just means Applscript is running but no windows are visible because they’ve been miminimed.

In the interest of full disclosure, my code also moves the TextEdit cursor location after opening the file. That’s not exactly what I’m saying, but the Dock example you’ve used is one way it could be hidden.

Easily save TextEdit documents via AppleScript – Mac OS X Hints

TM backup via Ethernet. I pasted the script into script editor and saved as application. My minor addition to your code deals wth this fact, but of course there may be better ways to do what you want. Aplescript wanted a script which can save the text file into today’s folder.