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AS/NZS Amendment. Amendment 1 – incorporated. Published 18/ 08/ Valid from. 04/03/ Information provider. Standards New Zealand. AS/NZS Parking facilities – Off-street car parking. Type: Document; Date: ; Web address: to in Australian Standard AS/NZS Parking Facilities – Part 6: . ( Source: Figure Angle parking module layouts – AS/NZS ).

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Drivers can manoeuvre vehicles within smaller spaces than swept turning paths would suggest. Furthermore, the concept of effective front and rear overhang dimensions for determining swept path has been introduced.

Grades in the order of 1 in 6 Landscaping also assists in delineating pavement areas. Columns should not be located at the edge of a parking aisle.

Guidance on capacity provision at entry and exits at large car parks is given at Appendix D. The dimensions 28990.1 Table B2 are based on a parking space length of 5.

Australian Standard | Zav Traffic

As well as improving the appearance of an area, the judicious placement of trees provides shade and screening for both surface car parks and structures, and is to be encouraged.

Off-street car parking this Standard Entry and exit points should be designed so that the facility can be adequately serviced in the peak period of the car park. Areas in which it is necessary for two nas to pass one another shall be designed for a B85 vehicle to pass a B99 vehicle. This Standard was issued in draft form for comment as DR The requirements or recommendations contained in published Standards are a consensus of the views of representative interests and also take account of comments received from other sources.

As NZS Parking Facilities – Off-street Car Parking – Free Download PDF

A modified ground clearance template to suit the particular vehicle characteristics will be required. The difficulty of manoeuvring into a parking space is increased by such a location. The minimum dimensions shall be as follows: A direction name is added at any location where there is a choice of routes leading to different exits. Where there is to be provision for two vehicles to pass, B99 and B85 swept path templates with clearances incorporated are used in combination.


Traffic control devices for general use Part The clearance of 1.

Running messages shall not be used. A B99 swept path template is used to check areas designed to be used by one vehicle at a time using outer lines on the template e. AS Glossary of terms—Road and traffic engineering Interior lighting Purchasers of network Licences for the Product may install and use the Product on a network with the number of Concurrent Users permitted corresponding to the number of users specified in the SAI Global Infostore order.

It is important that readers assure themselves they are using a current Standard, which should include any amendments which may have been published since the Standard was purchased. Standards Australia Standards Australia is an independent company, limited by guarantee, which prepares and publishes most of the voluntary technical and commercial standards used in Australia. Pending such publication it is intended that existing requirements for parking for people with disabilities in AS If there is to be a high kerb or barrier on both sides, the width increase shall be sufficient to provide mm on both sides.

As NZS 2890.1-2004 Parking Facilities – Off-street Car Parking

It is one of a series of Standards on parking facilities as follows: B In New Zealand—2. The widths given in Table B4 are therefore appropriate in this case also. For more frequent listings or notification of revisions, amendments and withdrawals, Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand offer a number of update options.

The radius of the outer unbroken line will therefore be slightly larger xs the nsz turn radius which is measured from the outer front wheel.

AS/NZS 2890.1:2004

Lane width, WL See Table 2. In any one car park, all parking nzz of the same type shall be marked in the same way. Signs are required for the following purposes: Minimum length of arrows: Moreover, its use does not remove the need to comply with regulatory 2980.1 of local government.


It shall be designated as a space for small cars. Transverse bay markings will usually be needed to control space usage and parking angle.

Category 3 and 4 facilities may also be considered for provision as intersections. Nz Class 1A parking shall be restricted to residential, domestic and employee parking. In the absence of more specific guidance, the size of the queuing area shall be calculated from Table 3. They reflect the latest scientific and industry experience.

The swept path clearances shall clear any kerbs at the boundary of the intersection area. Longer transitions or other adjustments to the grade line may be required in these cases.

The Standard requires aisles for 90 degree parking to be always two-way, i. Off-street commercial vehicle facilities. C3—where parking is controlled by wheelstops installed at right angles to the direction of parking, or where the ends of parking spaces form a sawtooth pattern, e.

Findthe similar documents 3. Where it is desired to provide for a lesser clearance see Appendix B, Paragraph B5the template should nzx adjusted by lowering the level of the underside of the vehicle. The turn radii need not be the same.

This type of facility is required when demand for parking far outweighs the supply of on-road facilities and alternative parking areas are required. Expand the box to see details. Storage, distribution or use on network prohibited In particular, unsignalized driveways and intersections should be checked to ensure that the absorption capacity for traffic entering or crossing the frontage road stream is adequate during times of peak activity.

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