I did my internship in marketing department of KAMAL (Pvt) Ltd. It is one of the well-known company at national level in labels fabrication. It has a lot of expertise . Purpose of commercial bank is to earn profit.” IBA University of the Punjab Lahore. 1. ACBL. Internship Report. HISTORY OF ASKARI COMMERCIAL BANK. I opted for Askari Commercial Bank Limited. internship report has been prepared just in accordance with the practical exposure. With an intention of grooming.

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Politics should be discouraged in such an environment 5.

If the deposit department is satisfy with the with the fill forms then he opens the account of customer. Term finance is secured by security.

internship report on askari-bank

This can only be availed by Pakistani residents between the ages of 21 to The minimum level of balance for businesses is Rs. In the case if customer lose the key of locker then breakage fee will be charged about Rs. The bank was able to wisely manage the risk and returns although credit demand and continued stress on banking margins.

We believe in our ‘core values’ as asoari essential and enduring tenets of our organization – the very small set of guiding principles that have a profound impact on how everyone in the organization thinks and acts.

Askari bank has a good structure and internsip fulfill the requirements of hank organization. Fund based loans are further divided into five types: Monitoring system and amending as indicated. Published by Gabriel McCoy Modified over 3 years ago. Department wise training …………………………………………….

In such a case the customer should surrender the unused chequebooks to the bank and withdraw the balance lying to his credit after interbship the bank formally. This report starts with an introduction and from thereon follows the pattern that was kindly provided to us by our honorable institute covering the objectives, the operational details and lastly, what I learned as an internee at Askari Bank Limited. In Askari Bank there are three level of analysis for determining the needs training can fulfill.


They say that they will continue to invest in the modern tools and substantial allocation to resources will be made to achieve this objective during the current year.

Lending, no doubt is the core function of a banking concern. Issue duplicate pay order. Normally cash department performs following functions: In this case, the promoters and general public contribute share capital.

Final Askari Bank Report Hamza | Muhammad Sami Saeed –

Important steps involved in overall planning for Askari Bank are: They usually qskari up the campaign or a promotional scheme explaining a benefit that come along with the process of account opening with the bank. According to financial point of view operating profit of the bank stood at the same level as of last year. Application form Credit information Application form: Askari Bank is divided in terms of the groups or divisions present in it and then further division is done on the basis of the specific department while wskari reality a matrix like system exists in which different departments and bodies come together to perform all the banking operations.

Duties and New Knowledge Acquired 1st and 2nd Week I started my first day of internship with the introduction of interbship employees and with introduction of bank departments.

internship report on askari-bank – Free Download PDF

The returned instruments are returned along with cheque Returning Memo and the reason for returning the cheque is given on the memo which is signed by an authorized concerned officer. For the 1st completed year of service 3 weeks 21 Calendar days.

The liquidity position is essentially important for the bank, as it must have all the time sufficient funds to meet the demands for the money that may be made on it. The products that are offered in the agricultural banking to farmers all askqri the Pakistan include: I As for as possible, wskari person introducing the account should attend the personally with the prospective customer.

In near future benefits relort expected in the form of improvement in service quality, customer offering, internal controls that will further reinforce the bank capabilities and readiness for future challenges.


The bank obtains its business commencement certificate as,ari February intrnship, Its ROR is increasing it means bank is going to earn more profit. Clearing cheques received from other banks are sent to branches which will clear the cheques and instruments to respective amounts.

Cutting is not allowed on the form I stamped an empty account opening form just for practice. Per day mark-up is a charge but customer is flexible to draw within the drawing power. The markup is charged on the basis of Daily Products of the amount outstanding.

Muhammad Afzal Munif Director Mr. Ethical concerns and public image: It is neither safe nor easy to make payment in the form of metallic coins or paper notes. Help Center Find new research papers in: Advising bank is the bank of importer.

The staff member generally should not introduce the account. Or when the maintenance of the account becomes expenses e. Bank is not trying to minimize its TL to TA ratio which is almost same throughout the period. Change is a fact of an organizational life and to cope it effectively.

This particular matrix system is very useful in managing the ever growing bank with surprising ease as it allows for a very clear chain of command without the problem of a confused power structure in which no one in certain what repodt do and whom to report to.

Internship Report on Askari Bank Limited

Any other leave if availed, will be treated as without pay. Such conflict is much harder to detect and easier to ignore. It is repotr important strategy which is applied by the operation marketing department in the. The bank attract the new customer by providing satisfaction and fulfilling his needs in best ways.