See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana . Help for Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana on PlayStation 2. More help, hints and. Atelier Iris Eternal Mana Walkthrough Videos (Completed)Total number of 21 videos by steelseven (). Title, Duration, Date. Atelier Iris. This game titled Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana, is released at the same time as the Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana 2. Anyway, this guide is supposed to be.

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Enter the store to your right once you regain control and talk with Veola.

What gaming goodies did Santa bring this year? Talk to the man standing on the other side of the boat to hitch a ride.


Let’s head back to Kavoc. If you use aroma on certain mana it will become a new one.

To use a Mana Item which has been created before, use the option Mana Items and select the item you wanted. If you haven’t yet beaten the game and got Arlin back replace him tsrategy Lita. Go back, and take the left lowerleft path to obtain a Star Piece.

If you don’t remember how to get there, head east from Kavoc, and once you reach the fork that leads to Lake Forwel, go North and you’ll reach it. You atrategy to use either your cane or Fire Blast to destroy them. Now head for the upperleft path and go down for another item.


This walkthrough may contain spoilers as I write it, so you have your warning ahead of time. After they’re gone, they’ll retreat and drop a Frozen Rain. Head up the stairs and extract the Growloon here. This shop contains mana items for battle, so keep this place in mind.

She’ll reveal her name as Lector, and plays a good role. Have Norn use Telekinesis and have Arlin use Double.

The Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana Mini-Guide by DoubleJump Books

Now take the right path and take the teleporter. Before going in, save your game. Now let’s head back to Kavoc. Though I haven’t found all of the Mana and Eteranl Items yet because in some cases, I accidentally missed itthis guide can be of a reference for playing. When ready, head to the right and exit Fort Galga. Holy element [1] Light element [2] Wood element [16] Description: Now let’s make our way back to Kavoc. If this happens to Klein, just reset your game. Now fall down towards the books, and take the Teleporter.


However, the normal fights around here are rather tedious, so if you’re not at a high enough level, watch out.

Grab any other items in here and exit through the other side. Now jump up the blocks and you’ll find another Growloon. Now then, for the fight itself. Go up to them and Lita will tell them they shouldn’t be out here alone. Game Reviews – add yours. Latest Team Posts What new on the Teams forums.

Walkthroughs for Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana

Even though the attacks are weak, the damage will add strateggy quickly. Have Delsus attack Baal as normal. Once you reach a place with little bridges, and a chimney looking thing, go run down the mini bridges and extract the chimney looking thing and go and get a chest.

Now keep following the only path and you’ll eventually run into a big blue statue. He’ll knock the woman unconscience, and then the group will run in. So climb up there and take out any thieves you run across.