by Abaki Beck. Text: The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action. Author: Audre Lorde. Quote to Highlight: “Where the words of. Audre Lorde is a self identified “Black Woman Warrior Poet” her work has changed the trajectory of my life, in fact it has changed the way the I. The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action has 13 ratings and 5 reviews. charlie said: within the war we are all waging with the by. Audre Lorde .

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We can sit in our corners mute forever while our sisters and our selves are wasted, while our children are distorted and destroyed, while our earth is poisoned; we can sit in our safe corners mute as bottles, and we will still be no less afraid.

For to survive in the mouth of this dragon we call america, we have had to learn this first and most vital lesson — that we were never meant to survive. Matthew Thompkins November 13, at 3: I think that over time, some people from difference races stopped speaking up because they were scared about what could happen to them, while others decided to speak their minds and make a change.

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Channing marked it as to-read May 31, Recognizing and implementing these views in one integrated movement can lead to greater more inclusive results. By remaining silent no one could truly know the struggle at hand.

Its a brave observation. Alexis Bondy October 15, at Audre Lorde is a revolutionary Black feminist. I personally think silsnce the separation of sexes or race is masterminded by politics and the idea that if government allows certain laws, they will get the smaller people, distracted. And remember the words of writer, feminist, and civil rights activist Audre Lorde: I was deeply moved by this article and the perspective of someone who feared they had nothing left to loose.


One is not born a bride: Nathalie Li October 16, at 2: As a Lore Lesbian women it is very important to speak up about any unjust situations.

The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action

It is very good for establishing perspective. The principle for yesterday, the sec-ond day, was Kujichagulia — self-determination — the decision to define ourselves, name ourselves, and speak for ourselves, in-stead of being defined and spoken for by others.

My silences had not protected me. No trivia or quizzes yet. For us, and for Audre Lorde.

Unity, Self-determination, Collective work and responsibility, Cooperative economics, Purpose, Creativity and faith are essential in finding oneself. A complicit bystander can be the most dangerous person on earth.

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Leave a comment on block 1. Ingrid Ujueta October 16, at This, too is an obligation most people avoid because they fear losing status and access. Jutta added it Dec 20, Sailormouth Stay marked it as to-read Dec 17, Even for certain minor things, they still do not speak up and either just keep putting it off or they just wait until someone else speaks up.

Its sad to see how easily it is inflicted and can innto us from being our whole selves. Lorde makes a very powerful point on how silence is different when chosen opposed to when inflected. The seven principles of Kwanzaa encourage one to be themselves. Sep 29, Tanisia01 rated it it was amazing.


Today is the third day of K wanza, and the principle for today is Ujima — col-lective work and responsibility — silejce decision to build and maintain ourselves and our communities together and to recognize and solve our problems together.

Her ability to turn fear into strength into words is really inspiring. During this time, she was politically active in civil rights, anti-war, and feminist movements. Leave a comment on block 2. Mar 30, Nuha rated it it was amazing. Cecilia Majzoub marked it as to-read Aug 19, Ashley Glenn marked it as to-read Jun 26, I was going to die, if not sooner then later, whether or traansformation I aciton ever spoken myself.

Tia Richardson marked it as to-read Apr 26, This really packs a punch.

The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action by Audre Lorde

Each of us is here now because in one way or another we share a commitment to language and to the power of language, and to the reclaiming of that language which has been made to work against us. Caroline Velez November 24, off 7: Leave a comment on block 4. Teaching through Bruised Words — queequegs left December 12, at 1: Lists with This Book.