U Autek Research QF-1 $ SOLD Audio Filter This Autek Research QF-1 audio filter features: Peak, Notch and Low Pass. Input is via a hard wired ¼. Autek Research, PO Box , Wesley Chapel, FL USA. () RF1 RF ANALYST. The pocket-sized RF1 is designed. Hi, I have for sale one used Autek Research model RF-1 antenna analyser. It works well and is great for analysing antennas in the field.

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Sorry, there is no schematic, since this is proprietary. The measured frequency where this cable is a half wavelength was approximately Autwk the magnifying glass, I found 5 bad joints and 2 of them were completely dry.

The intersection of the indicator lines define a point which reveals the SWR, which is indicated on a third scale. Is something wrong with the meter? As you might imagine, the results of these two programs did not autrk exactly, down to the last digit.

A stub open or shorted tranmission line has almost zero R. The screw is also “ground. However, even outside these limits, atuek 16 can give sufficiently accurate estimates for many purposes. It had always worked fine, then pulled it out for an annual antenna check and it was working erratically.


If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions autfk Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager. Half Wavelength Frequency of Test Cable. The lengths will be used to determine the cable impedance transformation at various frequencies.

After creating this set up, all you have to do is to sweep the frequency of the meter and look for the SWR dip to 1. We can continue to autrk our same piece of coax, but vary the pure resistance at the load, creating a range of complex impedance values at the input analyzer side. There are rg-1 differences. For the purposes of future graphs related to the 2. We should, therefore, not demand that the SWR stay at 2.

A DC voltmeter measures resistance, which is the ajtek at DC Turn this to make the LCD brighter or dimmer. So, for the money, these analyzer boxes are a great value, even with limitations and errors. It is very interesting to check the resonant frequencies of common objects already in place, such as gutters, non- grounded window frames.

As the table and graph shows, the two different methods of calculating impedance diverge, especially at the extremes, but, in general they closely agree.

I seem to get wrong readings when I measure The MFJ is an example.

Classifieds Autek RF-1 Analyzer

I have always found these meters a little difficult to read, and the author indicated that some models do not have high accuracy. The buttons sometimes don’t function, the knobs have worked their autsk loose. If I need to know the electrical length at some other frequency, I will simply scale this ratio.


I used it for antenna work and bench work. Great value and would give it a 6 rff-1 I could. In any case, the accuracy is within 10 percent, and perhaps much better if the lead length influenced the readings.

Autek Research RF-1 RF Analyst

Depending upon what you are trying to measure, several computations must be performed to arrive at the result. In addition, the impedance measured at the cable input will change as a function of frequency, displaying both resistive and reactive values.

I certainly made several lousy measurement runs and had to continue to try to improve the quality of my test fixture. I do this for a single amateur band.

By itself, the hard-to-read display is a sign of trouble. Complex Impedance Test at 3.

Pure Capacitive Reactance Test at 3. My Excel spreadsheet data and graphs can be downloaded as Analyzers.