Scenario cards for all North Sea scenarios, the Battle of Coronel, the Battle of the Falkland Islands, and hypothetical battles for the pursuit of the. Regal Miniatures miniature ships mounted on the counters of the Avalon Hill boardgame Jutland. We used the Advanced Jutland rules – right out of the box. I have the counters, rules, plot maps, task forces boards, time record sheets, The game featured in a number of editions of the old Avalon Hill.

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Experience or best guess on how long it takes to fight the battle I have rles different rule sets and most struggle along at this scale. For Seekreig V, you can get detailed ship data sheets for almost everything that floated, or was palnned to float, from around to or so.

If you’re planning on using this for any sort of avlon history, it is very difficult to design your own ships for Seekreig, but quite easy for Great War at Sea. Also, Jay Stribling cut and pasted the damage record sheets so that each player had only the ships in his squadron on his hit record pad, instead of all the ships in his country’s fleet.


Recent Title Hot Language: Victory Games James Bond Return to the Jackson Gamers’ Homepage. Anyone know any good WW1 tabletop naval rules?

I’ve played 4, but not 5 Seekreig IV is detailed enough that I’ve used it as an aid when writing tales of gunfire on the High Seas. The British Grand fleet, in four columns, steams into the battle area.

Jutland (game) – Wikipedia

Hopefully this will help people enjoy jutladn classic game even more! A blurry close-up which shows the ships at very close to real size. However it rulew for pretreat only. Anywhere to get them? It also corrects some minor typos. We’ve used them with 1: Yup they’re excellent mini’s. Sean Pitts looks onwaiting for his turn to shoot. People have mentioned Seekreig to me, but it looks a little chromed for a place to start The German ship counters are painted just a bit darker and grayer blue than the British.

Find More Posts by woodchuck. WW1 Naval Wargaming Rules.

Jutland | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Please come back and visit again! Retrieved from ” https: Perhaps the commanders should bring binoculars? The game does not get boged down with complex details. hilll


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. PST With the th Anniversary coming I wanted to know if there are any rules that can handle Jutland in an afternoon game.

I would think dreads are a different animal, especially if both are in the game. Jutland Search Map Variant By: The German Battle cruiser force steams towards the left.

Jutland (game)

We used the Advanced Jutland rules – right out of the box. This allowed critical hits only on a result of “10” instead of “6” as in the original charts and tables. It is set up for Jutland play providing introduction, hit records, time record and extended Hilp search map.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Log in or Register to download files. Willing and expect to see some abstraction, simple gunnery and torpedo tables, destroyer flotillas versus all individual ships, etc. AH Jutland rules thoughts and modifications.