Bác Sĩ Zhivago – 电影内容: Doctor Zhivago. Movie infomation; 评论. 演员: 导演: 电影风格: Documentary 年: IMDB: 0. 你可能想看看. 评论(0). Bac si Zhivago = Doctor Zhivago: Tap 1 /. Main Author: Pasternak, Boris Leonidovich, ; Format: Book; Language: Published: [T.P. H`㯠Ch⩠ Minh]: TP. Doctor Zhivago is about to get married to another when he first lays eyes on Lara. Their love story is unfolding against the backdrop of revolution which affects.

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I’d say swap the Russians out for the Swiss in the Hell section but it certainly wouldn’t work on the Heaven side because Russia was just a dark pit of sludge that the Swiss wouldn’t have tolerated as a rubbish tip in their orderly and strictly run country! Each person has up to four or five names which are used interchangeably, causing much confusion. I really bacc to add a Russian Classic to my read list, and this was recommended to me as not only a Russian Classic but also one of the more accessible ones to read with a riveting and epic love story interwoven in.

Trailer Bác Sĩ Zhivago |Doctor Zhivago P1/6|Muanlai HD|Movies HD|Action Movie|

View all 4 comments. I da, da ne zaboravim, zaista je fino povezai sve tokove i likove. If it’s an epic Russian novel you’re after, go for Anna Karenina by Tolstoy instead.

His life was pointless except to scatter illegitimate children all over Europe. Little Yury 2 episodes, This is the fourth Russian novel I’ve read thus far this year, and I need someone to stick a fork in me because I’m done. Lara Antipova shivago episodes, She doesn’t open her mouth without a page-long speech coming out, almost always an indignant diatribe about politics or the current state of civil war participants.


Likovi su toliko razbacani. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. While it might be an acknowledged great, I’m sorry to say it’s not for me. Such a story, I’m afraid, is far more moving than his actual work.

It’s more of a traditional story. Misha Gordon 2 episodes, The preface in the Pantheon edition actually addresses that question as well as some related ones briefly.

It’s not a love story unless you define love as ‘I’m indifferent, I’m indifferent, I’m utterly indifferent, oh, there you go, I’m in love’ kind of thing. I possibly can not share fascination with movie. I found the long political conversations between the characters really hard to follow and I was having to reread paragraphs several times to try and make sense Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I don’t like people who have never fallen or stumbled. It’s not clear who he is [but he’s a general during the war], but he does not appear all the time [quite rarely, in fact] and does nothing extraordinary.

The love story, which A book that won the Nobel bc of place and timing.

Bac si Zhivago = Doctor Zhivago : Tap 1 /

Thus, as a selective history lesson about a chaotic time and place, Doctor Zhivago contains some interest. The politics around this book, coming at the height of the Cold War, obviously had a lot to do with its exaltation to the ranks of great novels. I felt like in that story are a prize that the author gives to the reader, a clue of the book but I have been thinking about it and I do not get it I have no idea when certain events were happening.

The Reds and the Whites are, indeed, there, but packed with around ten parallel plots where random characters suddenly become the writer’s obsession, and the main protagonists’ story is written in a shockingly amateurish way, along the lines of ‘He thought that she was beautiful, they met, they talked, he left, they zhivaggo each other again.


But you better know about it already because Boris doesn’t really explain a thing, keep up or fall behind. Perhaps had it been edited more seriously and not rushed to press, it could have been zhivzgo better book. The majority focuses on the civil and political unrest in Russia around and between the World Wars. Lara had to leave Tania behind, Joeri never knew they had a daughter. Non lo consiglierei per iniziare a entrare in questo mondo.

Worth checking out if you’re interested in some background and general scoop on Pasternak and the history of Doctor Zhivago.

Y este es solo un ejemplo porque con todos los personajes pasaba lo mismo. So, that about covers it I think.

Mother Russia is in early convulsions before delivering the new baby state those lucky, lucky Russians! Yury has actually met Lara in passing twice before without ever really getting to know her. I understand that many people think it was a wonderful book, but for me it was extremely disappointed. I wanted to love Doctor Zhivago. I even tried switching translations thinking it was the translator.

The terrible attempt at showing loving feeling between two people made me think of this well known joke: