Statism and Anarchy is a complete English translation of the last work by the great Russian anarchist Michael Bakunin. It was written in , in the aftermath of. Statism and Anarchy has ratings and 20 reviews. Laurent said: I’m going to start by being brutally honest: this book is almost no fun at all, but the. Cambridge Core – European Studies – Bakunin: Statism and Anarchy – edited by Marshall Shatz.

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There will therefore be either no state at all, or there will be a single giant state which will devour all the weaker states — a despotic, absolutist Russian state. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Under its yoke the communal elections are a mockery, and the persons elected by the people become the tools of the oppressors and the venal servants of the rich landlords. But Switzerland, in order bakunnin increase its military power, tends toward centralization; and federation is possible in the United States only because it is not surrounded by highly centralized, mighty states like Russia, Germany, or France.

For Bakunin, the only response to such military barbarism is an equally savage and ruthless force. Statism and Anarchy is the first complete English translation of the last work by the Russian anarchist Michael Bakunin. Upon this contradiction our polemic has come to a halt.

They will no longer represent the people but themselves and their own pretensions to govern the people. Modern capitalist production and bank speculation inexorably demand enormous centralization of the State, which alone can subject millions of workers to capitalist exploitation. Once integrated into this class, they inevitably become enemies of the people There is a xtatism contradiction in this theory.

Statism and Anarchy by Mikhail Bakunin

They then arrive unavoidably at the conclusion that because thought, theory, and science, at least in our times, are in the possession of very anarchg, these few ought to be the leaders of social life, not only the initiators, but also the leaders of all popular movements. Theory and fact are separated by an abyss. Faruk Oluk rated it it was amazing Jun 10, A qnarchy state is impossible because the state depends on control. In others, a class such as the bourgeoisie, aristocracy or clergy serves as the ruling class inside the state.

If we try to emancipate the people by lies we will mislead not only them but ourselves as well, deviating from and losing sight of our true objective. In line with the principles of the International, and freed from the yoke of their respective states, the Slavic workers should and can — without in the least endangering their own independence — establish fraternal relations with the German workers, since an alliance with them on any other basis is entirely out of the question.


Statism and Anarchy is the first completed volume of a larger projected work by Bakunin. Mar 01, Zander rated it really liked it. At first this ideal naturally manifests itself in the passionate desire of the people to put an end to their poverty and misery and to satisfy all their material needs by collective labor, equally obligatory for all.

This is because the state exists to grab, and knows no bounds of its own. Ba,unin same applies to the Slavs.

Therefore the modern State must strive to be a huge and powerful State: May 10, Ikiryo rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is this sort of thing which would need to be covered in a comprehensive political introduction. It follows from this that no government, however paternalistic, anrchy bent on avoiding friction, will tolerate any threat to its exploitative economic institutions or its political hegemony: There have to be in-groups and out-groups.

For example, among us in Russia, how many accomplished savants are there in a population of eighty million? It also, vakunin, wants this dictatorship covered-up with forms of representation, for ideological reasons both internal to the bourgeoisie and directed at bakunnin masses. And then the most unscrupulous and the shrewdest manage to gain control of the microscopic government of this microscopic state, and immediately begin to sell themselves to all corners, at home to the reigning prince or a pretender to the throne.

But this is not all.

This huge class has been reduced to such desperation that even the defenders of this terrible society are beginning to speak out openly in parliament and in the official press, admitting that things have reached the breaking point, and that something must immediately be done to avoid a popular holocaust which will destroy everything in its stagism. The German state is efficient, whereas the Russian state is corrupt.

Why is Theresa May helping them? Aug 30, Aron Kerpel-Fronius rated it really liked it. But a social revolution cannot be confined to a single isolated country. The first, of a more pacific character, inclines toward gradual action; the other, favoring insurrectionary movements, tends directly to prepare the people for revolutionary warfare. That will be determined first by the situation of each people, and secondly by the desires that manifest themselves and operate most strongly within them.


Subscribe to Ceasefire newsletter. Aug 27, Syd rated it really liked it. We think that people can be free and happy only atatism organized from the bottom up in completely free and independent associations, without governmental paternalism though not without the influence of a variety of free individuals and parties.

Statism and Anarchy (Texts in the History of Political Thought)

Read the Anarchist FAQ. To ask other readers questions about Statism and Anarchyplease sign up. No trivia or quizzes yet. Moreover, the demands of certain positions are more compelling than noble sentiments and even the best intentions.

On the other hand, it might simply suggest that Bakunin sometimes applied his nascent compositional analysis of national identity too clumsily. He is still in the age of homo economicus, which began perhaps with Adam Smith and which I suspect the hippies were trying to see past.


The principal evil which paralyzes the Russian people, and has up till now made a general uprising impossible, is the closed rural community, its isolation and disunity.

Insieme ad essa viene fornita, non solo una chiave di lettura per spiegare le ragioni di successo o di insuccesso dei molti moti insurrezionali che caratterizzarono il diciannovesimo secolo, ma anche una serie di previsioni riguardo al futuro che, bisogna ammettere, si riveleranno ex-post abbastanza azzeccate.

Only conquering nations create states. Henceforth this youth must be present not as witnesses but as active participants in the front ranks of action and in all popular movements, great or small, anytime, anywhere, and anyplace. The people, though ignorant and very poor, but passionate, vigorous, naturally intelligent, and freedom-loving, were suddenly transformed into a meek, apathetic herd, easy victims of bureaucratic plunder and despotism.

A people inspired with such ideas can always win its own freedom and ground its own life on the most ample freedom for everyone, while in no way threatening or infringing on the freedom of other nations.