The Balanced Scorecard framework .. FSeMP, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, Fakultät für Informatik, Institut für Verteilte Systeme, Diplomarbeit, ostbayrische technische hochschule regensburg individual assignment international business administration the balanced scorecard theoretical framework and. Ich erkläre weiters Eides statt, dass ich meine Diplomarbeit nach den Management, Baldrige and Balanced Scorecard) as well as particular areas.

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Interdependencies within the Customer and Internal Business Perspective Every company is highly influenced by its internal processes and its customers. The two most interesting ones are: It has also been recommended that other organizations embrace the BSC measures to embrace the benefits such as product leadership, improved flexibility, and increased information capital among others.

More satisfied employees show better service quality, higher productivity and share more information. Both dimensions built the core of each business. With its products being consumed both locally and in international markets such as U. Interdependencies within the Customer and Internal Business Perspective.

Financial measures Figure 4.

Balanced Scorecard and Supply Chain Perfomance. The Case of the Kenya Nut Company

The chapter discusses the balanced scorecard measures relating to financial, customer, internal business, and learning and growth perspectives, challenges faced in the implementation of the BSC and the conceptual framework showing the relationship between the independent and dependent variables.

Innovation and Learning Perspective Interdependency Matrix 3. It is really important to “create” metrics for your own processes and not to apply “as-is” what balanceed out from other BSC experiences there is an interesting paper from Arthur Schneiderman about iteven if some indicators can cover common exigences.


What’s next in business intelligence? Brewer and Speh provided a modified version of the BSC to measure supply chain performance in totality and not within a specific industry.

This signifies the balanced measurement of business processes.

Data was collected using a questionnaire that was administered through a drop and pick method. The analysis of interdependencies follows the four dimensions which Kaplan and Norten defined in First step was to introduce more dimensions or perspectives of analysis, since the financial one was not sufficient, representing just the tip of the iceberg, hiding all the relations among processes.

How do our software processes and SPI add value to the company? The study will assist the management and staff of KNC on how to better improve their supply chain performance using the balanced approach. For example, the BSC can overcome the challenge of high processing costs through the internal business perspective by having measures such as reduced order cycle time and efficient capacity utilization.

Tables, graphs and regression analysis were used to present the findings. Manufacturing learning process time to maturity 3. According to Dillomarbeit there is increasing demand for KNC products from importing countries such as U.

Cella, Beyond data warehousing: The idea of brand equity is another idea which becomes more and more important for company success within the last few years. Gender of respondents Table 4. A,Japan and Germany hence the need to increase production.


It was also clear that there was a very significant relationship between BSC measures and supply chain performance represented by R2 value of 0. The study also established some of the challenges faced in implementing the BSC such as too much time in developing and updating the BSC, too many measures being used and difficulty in determining the measures.

Balanced Scorecard and Supply Chain Perfomance. The Case of the | Diplomarbeitende

A case study of banking sectorInternational Journal of Industrial Engineering Computations, 1 Performance measurement systems can therefore only create value when they are matched with the firms operational goals.

Abran discussed this question, trying to explain and justify the rationale behind such assumption. The Balance scorecard perspectives Figure 2. Geld verdienen und iPhone X gewinnen. It is thus evident that the BSC has been used both empirically and in literature, however no specific studies have addressed the BSC in the Kenyan food industry scodecard in the Kenya Nut Company.

Kaplan and Norton have defined the BSC as a multi-dimensional framework for describing, implementing and managing strategy at all levels of an enterprise by linking objectives, initiatives and measures to an organisation’s strategy.