Baltron’s Beacon Did you Play or DM this adventure (or both, as some did)?. (DM), you may use Baltron’s Beacon in any campaign or world setting you choose. Read the adventure carefully before run- ning it for the players. Study the . 16 items Find great deals on eBay for baltron beacon. Shop with confidence.

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Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: Rise of the Runelords [ITA]. The authors wisely decided to control the crafting by limiting the supply of gems and essences. Also, equip your team before entering the swamp A strangely delivered advertisement has led you to a sage named Demetrios. This adventure is one part DYI dungeon adventure location with a very limited backstory that allows a DM ba,tron customize it as they see fit.

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Join Date Jan Posts 4, For instance, the entry level of the ruined castle is trapped and guarded. I’ve also seen this module worked up as a part of the environs surrounding the Frank Mentzer adventure I11 because of the ruins of the Beacon and DM’s wanting an area of large expanses of ruins and dungeons.

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How did the trolls get in? The party is well balanced though I might not have chosen those stats for the cleric: Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. I did not need the walkthroughs and I liked that I felt lost in the marshes. Game play- Hack and slash.


Add tags Tags separate by space: Keep on the Borderlands NWN2 edition. How do you rate this content?: In the middle of his dinning room table was a mighty castle.

Baltron’s Beacon – Wikipedia

The journy to retrieve it will take you through a large, unexplored swamp to a ruined keep, the former headquarters of a vile cult that once claimed the lives of many innocent youths. Shattered Lands Dark Sun: You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. New players leveled to 6. I don’t recall a lot of details, but vaguely remember having a blast in it. The lower levels though which were through a teleporter on the second level, so they mav have been taken from another modulethose I shudder to remember.

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It is interesting to see how everyone’s experiences compared and differed. I’m going to start playing this tonight. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: I THINK there was some pretty cool puzzle solving in the basement – something to do with teleportation?

Dark Avenger Chapter 1.

Baltron’s Beacon – your experiences? Plenty of treasure but not a Monty Haul. I love this mod, but I am so stuck. Its an incredibly dangerous dungeon crawl based adventure with adventure content that consists almost entirely of dungeon-crawling, including having adventures through a gatehouse, a keep, and at its core a dungeon filled with a couple of levels of exploration and danger.


Ad&d 1st Ed Baltron’s Beacon TSR 9152

Fighter, rogue, wizard, and Cleric. It should be remembered that at its core this was originally a tournament module and the adventure is designed for a large group of players and presents a challenge on a number of levels for PC’s.

Allow Distribution in others work. AdvAb Journey to Whitehawk Mountain. You are here Home.

Baltron’s Beacon

Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities. The journey to retrieve it will take you through a large, unexplored swamp to a ruined keep, the former headquarters of a vile cult that once claimed the lives of many innocent youths.

This section is empty. For Dark Albion or the pseudo historic setting of Lamentations this makes the cult a prime target for mercenaries working for the Inquisition placing the cult perhaps at the heart of the Black Forrest or some other border area of Germany or even an isolated region of France or Spain.