The Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme. . You can find more details about playing the game in the Manual. Contents. [hide]. 1 Battle for Wesnoth; 2 Developers; 3 Other Links; 4 Multilingual Players’ Sites The manual, The Battle for Wesnoth is a strategy game. be much more useful as such (and harder to kill) by fighting and advancing. It’s a good manual.

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End unit turn toggle.

Every idea or suggestion is very well welcome. On first startup sound and music are disabled by default. I will listen and try to answer to everybody. The game is english only, switching language in preferences has no effect. Possible enemy moves, and Best possible enemy moves.

When you use ‘Next unit’, you’ll want this as well. Where are savegames located? Not attacking in your turn but letting the unit’s counterattack do the damage on the enemy’s turn is sometimes the best balance. Choose something far away from and unlike the other hotkeys. Page hosted on Souceforge. Just open game preferences and turn sounds on. These show the union of all possible enemy moves with and without attention to current zones of control. The main thing is that you remember it and use it as you encounter new unit types.

The Battle for Wesnoth Forums

These strategy tips are a little more advanced than that, but well chosen. Anything you need to know during play should be in here. In Wesnoth, however, sometimes it is indeed a valid tactic to take up superior positions and wait a turn or two for either a better time of day or the enemy to make the mistake of attacking, leaving them open for a good counterattack.


The game starts up but tapping on buttons does not work.

Alessandro Pira’s Homepage

Likewise, play a campaign through until you can’t go any further or are just unsatisfied with your progress, then start again from the beginning with a better idea of how to play and prepare for what’s ahead, getting further each time. You can contact me by email or on wesnoth official torproviding the following information: The default is F1.

Smart Proxy A proxy with caching and prefetching. Make sure you downloaded the “translations” package.

Instead, do what people normally do; dive in and pick things up as they become useful to you. When this happens, don’t expect a loose and easy answer to the problem; it is time to learn a bit more and add new skills. Inkastro Originally a game mwnual Nokia phones; now it can also be played online. User Level Networking It’s hard to explain what’s that in a few words Italian version of this page.

Battle for Wesnoth on Android FAQ

First steps I do not recommend trying to learn everything before starting to play. Disk War An X-Window game. However, mouse emulation mode can be changed to “pointer follows finger” mode, which is probably what you are expecting if you tap directly on buttons.

Virtual Mouse Driver Use your keypad instead of a mouse Any event that reveals new information such as an attack clears the undo list, making the last and previous moves non-undoable. To do this, open port menu by starting the game and tapping on “Change configuration” button which is shown for a few seconds. If I ask you to send a debug report this is the way to do it: Use undo instead of shuffling units around to avoid losing movement points.


The game The Battle for Wesnoth is a strategy game. Close the popup leaving default values Width: How to send a debug report? Being aware that your turn may end in a different state than you planned for when it began will save you some distress and lead to strategic concepts appropriate to the game. Yathzee Play Yathzee online! The default is d. JSPuzzle A puzzle game playable online. Hover over a unit and type d to open the help page for that unit. Share and discuss strategies for playing the game, and get help and tips from other players.

Introductory Tips. – The Battle for Wesnoth Forums

Which however does not mean to answer “yes” to everybody ;- How to send a debug report? The game will then unpack those instead of downloading. Wesnoth is balanced such that most level 1 units are unlikely to be killed by 2 level 1 units in one turn, but are quite likely to be killed by 3 level 1 forr in one turn. You really don’t want to hit this by mistake or lapse in concentration.